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Sekhmet Oil

Sekhmet Oil - 5ml
Sekhmet Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

SEKHMET: Egyptian – Healing Eye of Ra, Goddess of Feminine Creative Forces: As the great purifier, Sekhmet cleansed and renewed with her desert wind breath of fire avenging wrongs and renewing what had been sullied by doubt or abandonment. Her power to guide the healer entitled her with patronage over all physicians, surgeons and healers. Her legendary temper is a reflection of her aspect as the noonday sun and it’s ability to purify to the point of destruction, if not governed. Hers is the awesome, unyielding power of feminine creative capability. Her reincarnated form was observed as the Pharaoh Hatshepsut who endowed her queendom with artisans, healers and craftspeople who anchored a very feminine power of creative capacity in her dynasty. She was an iron handed woman with a patroness heart for learning and growth in civilizing projects.

Companionship alignments: Daughter of Ra, Ptah, Nefertum, Hatshepsut, Hathor (aspect), Bast (aspect), lionesses, Ureas cobras, vultures, the hot desert winds, feminine cycles, beer, pomegranates, plantains, hematite, sunstones, golden eye obsidian, flint, yellow diamond, sun disk, papyrus, sistrum, blue lotus, fiery spices, red periwinkle and red bottle bush. The fragrance of Sekhmet is like the hot, purifying breath of desert, spicy cinnamon leaf, softening sandalwood, juniper and red rose. Call her to fragrantly prepare the way for you!

Nurturing capacities: Sekhmet is the healing energy of the feminine cycles, promoting cyclic passages of creative power during your moon time! She comforts as the trigger for new changes during your emotional / psychic reproductive cycles.

Inspirational influences: Taking charge! Her lioness determination urges you to grasp your own destiny. Her influence tells you do just do it!

Healing gifts: Sekhmet guides the essential excellence in all medical practice. When you approach any healing practice to learn or study, Sekhmet is your best guidance for completeness and adeptness in practice. Her dark aspect surfaces as the dizzying affect of over imbibing in your desires, reaching to far too soon and lacking the skill to complete your healing ambitions. Sekhmet’s most healing gift is in understanding the necessity for jubilation and celebration when completeness is achieved!

Creative drive: Sekhmet initiates your creative drive in a response to justice or Ma’at, keeping your personal balance. As the Goddess of Appropriate Action, she instills clarity for resolving your anger in creative action.

Leadership qualities: As the Lady of the Flame (the bright energy of high noon), Sekhmet will come to guide you in maintaining your position of authority, with integrity and balance. While her legends tell of her bloodlust to purge the People of disrespect, it is an energy signature of the Goddess to instill personal authority!

Paradigm Shift skills: Call on Sekhmet to help and guide you as a bringer of the new consciousness. She endows great perseverance and determination enough to withstand the judgment of those surrounding you and the community. With a special integrity, Sekhmet gifts you with authentic, feminine leadership courage.

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