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Ritual oils & mist for Self Empowerment

Ritual oils & mist for Self Empowerment
Ritual oils & mist for Self Empowerment
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The Dragon's Blood oil (Calamus Draco) CONNECTION TO TELLURIC REALM CONSECRATION OF YOUR BOOK OF SHADOWS (BOS) HERBAL AMPLIFIER EXORCISER SELF-EMPOWERING SUCCESS The Dragonís Blood has been used since its import to Europe by the church in the Dark Ages to exorcise evil. It works! This tree blood will vanquish negativity and leave a positive vibration in any environment. Calamus Draco is feminine plant under the guardianship of Pluto influenced by each element.

A most potent sensual aid, it guides you towards Light and wisdom. Truth prevails with its use. Included in any recipe, Dragonís Blood can enhance and triple the potency of the brew. Dragonís Blood is used in many spells, though on itís own it will serve you with a manifest self-empowerment.

Calamus Draco has a reputation for attracting Nature Spirits, especially those abiding within the sea! Use it as a meditation aid when you journey into the sea. Visual aids and tools assist you in this kind of meditation, perhaps shells, small bits of driftwood, a dish of sand from your favorite beachÖ Dragonís Blood resonates strongly with both the feminine and masculine energies of the sea.

Whenever there is a need for a sure cleansing agent for your environment, an item or even your own mental cleansing, Dragonís Blood will banish all negativity! Use this oil to exorcise negativity and cleanse the way in preparing scared space. Dragonís Blood contains curious activating properties when invoked in consecration of your Book. The church traditionally used it for this purpose and it works here again! Always keeping your work in the Light, use the oil to fuse your energy into your written work.

Dragonís Blood offers the practitioner assurity for whatever is needed, whenever itís needed. You can always rely on it for cleansing and completions as a standard in your cubbard.

HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR OIL: (Ipomoca Jalapa) SUCCESS OPPORTUNITY SELF Ė ESTEEM PROTECTION STRENGTH High John the Conqueror root is a very yang / masculine root under the guardianship of Mars influenced by the element of Fire. A High John root impresses you with a large humming in the palm of your hand! Itís common properties include success, love, happinessÖby far this root can be utilized best to empower yourself! When youíre looking for confidence and self-assurity, use High John!

Use High John to give your success candle spell an added boost or charge your healing candle to work quickly. High John is an excellent vision oil when contemplating how to achieve your goals or to inspire you in what actions to take in the achieving.

When you feel or intuit the malefic or nasty thoughts of others directed at you, a form of psychic attack, High John will assist you in repelling this energetic intrusion by initiating your strong sense of self awareness and esteem. High Johnís long reputation is for this feat. Using a black candle dressed with High John can dissipate negative or nasty focus directed at you! This is one of those all purpose oils readily able to empower, repel negativity, attract the positive, assist your imagination and open your awareness to fortunate timing in your life. Use it instinctively!

LILY OF THE VALLEY OIL: (Convallaria magalis) PEACE PRESENCE OF MIND CLARITY ANDROGYNY MEDITATION Lily of the Valley is a masculine plant under the guardianship of Mercury influenced by the element of Air. Here is Divine androgyny and mercurial agility! Itís a useful, enabling tool to be able to perceive situations from a counter-balancing yin to yang presence of mind; Lily of the Valley invites this special clarity! Often used as a study aid; sensual initiation through Jacobs Ladder allows you rise above and find the overview of all things. When youíre confused or frustrated over a problem or situation, use Lily of the Valley to discern well balanced answers!

A fragrance to help calm and soothe, its an excellent beginning to your meditation exercises. Lilyís most vital properties include communication and mental clarity. Faced with the need to perform with a knowledgeable precision, Lily is a wonderful choice. It awakens your power of speech with a strong presence of mind to bring comprehensibility and a forthright delivery of your thoughts. Choose Lily of the Valley, perhaps complimented with Balm of Gilead to accomplish your goals in persuasion.

Lily of the Valley promotes a comfortable presence within you, enabling you to reach out to the Nature Spirits surrounding you, too! Try it!

MUGWORT MIST 4oz - Mugwort is a breath of the Huntress; cleansing, reviving and absolutely ceremonial. Here is a mist to introduce a moment between worlds through the bridge of your sensuality, inviting you Above. We blend this brew with one part common garden sage Artemisia, another part Douglas Artemisia, a tad of sweet Orange oil, a bright bit of Juniper and four parts of indigenous, lovely deep green Mugwort! To bring it to wholeness we added Samhain Essence. Set a standard to penetrate the veils and set your Circle between worlds. In the late evening, before bed, mist a little of Madame Mugwort to bring the dreaming journeys you intend!

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