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Poseidon Oil

Poseidon Oil - 5ml
Poseidon Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

POSEIDON: Greek – Great God of the Sea & Father of Hero’s: Here is Neptune, rumbling up from the deep, dripping salt, clutching his trident on his fine chariot pulled by golden mane steeds; he endows civilization and government to the People. He was the great earth shaker, he invested those talents for making large changes in the population / community. Dolphins are his constant companion, they have formed an honorable and lasting friendship that rescues the shipwrecked and protects sailors.

Companions: Amphitrite, The Olympians, The Titans, Spartans, Triton, Cyclops, merfolk, horses, all sea creatures are his, most especially dolphins and blowfish, trident, chariots, shapeshifting, blue sapphire, emerald and diamond gemstones, coral, lemongrass, sea grasses, seaweeds, white pine tree, Ocean pines, rhododendron, bee balm and amaranth flowers. Poseidon’s blend captures the cleansing of Ocean pine, beeswax superior and jasmine.

Ideals & Goals: As a great civilizer, Poseidon lends his strengths and skills to politicians and community builders. Notably, he brings good fortune in business, to those he favors, who work with his gifts from the sea.

Inspiring talents & skills: The ultimate equestrian, Poseidon will guide and those equestrians who look for help from up high…he favors the huntsman also. Poseidon is one of the Gods of the Oracle of Delphi; calling on his assistance as a channeler brings connections and clarity!

Accomplishments: Great Lord of the Oceans expands domains! If you are seeking expansion, Poseidon is an honorable God, keeper of his word, ask him for his assistance in making BIG changes!

Paradigm Shift skills: Once seen as the God of epilepsy, his evolutionary skills manifest in the body, helping you to make the physical shifts. Opening and clearing new pathways in the physical brain connecting extrasensory cognition.

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