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Pan Oil

Pan Oil - 5ml
Pan Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

PAN: Arcadian – Precious Faun of Allure & Love of Nature! Great Horned God! Pan adores fun and amusement. His pastoral influences lead you into the wood to experience delight and deepest wisdom; how to live in enjoyment of your life. His presence can be so overwhelming in the lonesome woods that you might just panic! A small trick he plays to awaken you through a rush of understanding that ‘there is nothing to fear, but fear itself!’ A true walker between worlds, Pan voyages back from the Elysian Fields to delight, advise and amuse when you call him. He is a precious Ancestor who cares deeply for mortals and is always willing to be at your service.

Companions: Syrinx, Echo, Hermes, Faunas, Puck, Oberon, Artemis, Zeus, the Muses, goats, fauns, nymphs, satyrs, nature Spirits, fairies, mountain wilds, woods, lakeshores, seashores, sea goats, Syrinx pipes (pan flute), intoxicating music, hunting hounds, caves, virility, pure sexuality, eternal flames, merriment, laughter, good sense of humor, all fruits of tree and vines, fumigation of all odour, rocky crests, all wild flowers and water lily’s are his, patchouli herb is sacred to him. Pan comes to you in fragrant soil and wood including foin coupe (hay), patchouli, mastic and tonka bean absolute oils. Oh Pan!

Ideals & Goals: Bringing you into the heart of Nature. Pan leads you blissfully into the woods, along the seashore or into the caves and manifests your intimacy with Home.

Inspiring talents & skills: Fortunate friend of Pan, he guides you with good fortune, allowing you to follow your instincts! Call on Pan to help you find your muse, help make difficult decisions affecting your time and to help with taking time for yourself!

Accomplishments: His pastoral influences have guided healers and herbalists throughout the ages. His guidance allows you to access the deva community, the world of Fay, the consciousness of Nature tutoring us in plant remedies. He is the guardian of the Findhorn Community in Scotland.

Paradigm Shift skills: A treasure is gifted by the Precious Faun! Developing your own morals! Stripping away the fear based dogmas of Judeo-Christian-Islamic ethics that preach fear, the ‘my god is better then your god’ ideal that only has one resolution, war. Call on Pan to guide you with confidence to follow your own bliss!

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