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Oshun Oil

Oshun Oil - 5ml
Oshun Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

OSHUN: Yoruban [Orisha / Iwa] – Mother Goddess of Sweetwaters & Kindness: Oshun’s children are beneficent, kind and above all, children of diplomacy! She is the personification of all matters of the heart. Her generosity and kindness reach out from the Sweetwaters of the cosmos and into your world to heal you or your family. She is a cosmic Mother, the principal and force of water and attraction, she is present in all things as lifegiver. Her kindness blankets the poor and misfortunate with love and generosity when they reach out to her. Her essence is YeYe, the sweet Mother of us all!

Companionship alignments: Chango, Oldemere, Yemaya, 5 golden bangles on your arm announces your alliance with Oshun! Yellow, gold, copper, white and orange are her color standards. Fish, red parrots, diamonds, citrine, plume agate, amber and blue opals call her. Honey and honey wine attract her. Pumpkins, sunflowers, Pom Pom tree, floral caju, penta – ixora flowers and basil will call the essence of Oshun! Her blend is a joyful combination of sunny jasmines, blood orange and soft rose. The peacock is her flight while the albino peacock announces her presence.

Nurturing capacities: She is the Creatrix Mother essence who nurtures all who turn to her. Like Isis and Mary, she is the Madonna of the African Diaspora who companions us through all of life’s hardships and joys.

Inspirational influences: Oshun is the patroness of all great art and artists, no matter the medium. Anyone who lives their livelihood she endows through the quality of Harmony! Diplomats are especially inspired by Oshun. She the patron to all Obatala diviners, her skills at divination bring care and healing. Healing gifts: Oshun brings good cheer and joy! Her dark aspect doesn’t destroy or condemn, her temper flares as a loss of joy, of memory of good times and the natural abundance in love.

Creative drive: All creative endeavors are blessed by Oshun! Calling on her generous inspiration returns the gift of creativity when you are unfulfilled.

Leadership qualities: For all who reach to the fire to create and nurture, Oshun is the master chef! Cooking is a magical skill and Oshun is a delicate blend of elemental water and fire in the kitchen. All chefs and cooking students are allied by Oshun’s lifegiving talents to please the taste buds. As The Mother presence, she is ally and inspiration in the home and equal marriage.

Paradigm skills: Oshun is with us at all gatherings that bring harmony and healing onto Mother Earth. It is her; the Unseen Mother attending all gatherings. Acknowledge her presence into every celebration!

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