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Odin Oil

Odin Oil - 5ml
Odin Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

ODIN: Norse – One Eyed Father of the Aesir, Lord of Asgard & Valhalla: Meet the Sky Cloaked Wanderer, the Soul of the World! Odin knows the wisdom of looking at the world upside down; from his experience we have the Elder Futhark, the Rune stones of language. He is the Teutonic God of Wisdom and War, Magic and Prophecy, his name means ‘fury’. As the ruler of those who die valiantly in battle, he dispenses rewards and grants wishes / boons to those who are deserving. Having sacrificed one eye at the Well of Wyrd for ultimate wisdom, Odin knows the value of sacrifice for the greater good of the community. He is cunning and slick like a horse trader, one should always be very respectful, direct and forthright with Odin. Penetrate Odin’s veil between worlds and stroll through the Aura Borealis! Feel the icy tundra and listen to the sound of his wolves calling you to Valhalla.

Companions: Freya, Woden, Baldur, Thor, Loki, Tyr, Vikings, elves and the Sons of Ivaldi (dwarfs), Sleipnir (his 8 legged steed), Hugin (Thought) and Munin (Memory) the ravens who sit on his shoulders, javelin, wolves, hounds of the Wild Hunt, ash (Yaggdrasill) tree, elm tree, the number nine, silver, vlakunt (knot of perplexity), shapeshifter, oak tree, berserkers, the valiant dead on the battle field, Valkyries, edelweiss flowers, dittany of crete, blue tulips and daisy are sacred to him. Odin’s blend is bracing and coolly fresh including tansy and peppermint with garden sage and hyssop for aspurging.

Ideals & Goals: Clear thinking and restoration of your memory, Odin oversees what has been and what comes. He established the Rainbow Bridge between the shinning realm of the Gods and the Middle Earth of men for the initiate to travel, learning and growing by applying the Olde Ways to modern life.

Inspiring talents & skills: The arts of the scribe, chronicling and ushering in the skills of Storytelling for building community and demonstrating healing. The lessons of the Ancestors and their wisdom is the foundation of our civilization, Odin enlightens the writer with insight and communication.

Accomplishments: Marshalling your passions and directing them into positive actions! As the Father of the Berserkers, Odin is capable of building great energy within and releasing it in pure, direct actions.

Paradigm Shift skills: Merging the Olde Ways of the Ancestors with a new age of enlightenment, Odin fosters your journey of becoming as a child of the Ancestors. Call upon him for guidance and recognition to help you meet and define your path of growth and action.

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