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OC Oil

OC Oil - 5ml - I am because You are!!
OC Oil - 5ml - I am because You are!!
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Product Description

OC {oak’}

I am because You are!! Oc invites you to seek companionship in your journey. ‘The Other’ becomes your trigger for higher mind and enLightenment, exciting new desires for experience and expansion. When you begin to share yourself with others, many dimensions of ‘others’ are drawn to you to assist and share in your journey. Companions of destiny unite again and again and again…the past life phenomena of transforming our karmic patterns to achieve a dharma through the lens of the ‘other’ is intimately understood with contemplation in Oc. The relationship among the Maya as journeymen towards personal and community evolution is reflected in the glyph of Oc and brings you : Recognition of the healing longevity in true intimacy & self honesty

Opening to the dimensional portals inviting your guides and teachers into your consciousness

Discernment in your choices of companionship & recognizing those you share a personal destiny with

Resolution of the veils your isolation perpetuates

Use your Oc Oil to inspire your confidence for participating in relationships and enjoying the process of sharing. The blending of crisp Rosemary, fresh Tangerine, the penetration of Sweet Basil with Nutmeg added to the transformative qualities of a Sandalwood foundation introduce Oc to your ascending levels of co-consciousness.

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