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Myrrh Oil

Myrrh Oil - 5ml
Myrrh Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

MYRRH OIL: (Commiphora myrrha) ASTROLOGICAL INITIATION VERNAL EQUINOX IMBOLC UPLIFTMENT REIKI ATTUNMENT CROSSING Within the sensual embrace of Myrrh you are able to penetrate the stars! The Moon shares guidance with Chiron while the element of Water encourages you to swim out into the heavens.

Myrrh enjoys a long tradition as a crossing herb. Egypt’s wisdom used it in embalming and burning to send Pharaoh to his home along the celestial Nile aided by his Spiritual Father, Ra.

Myrrh traveled into Greece and then to Europe where it was used by scholars, astronomer – astrologers, finally being subjugated from nearly all sources exclusively into the Roman See. To this day the Roman Apostolic church uses the powerful sensual combinations of myrrh, frank, basilica and dragon’s blood resins to transmute the energies for mass.

While you study the heliocosm (the planets), myrrh assists your conceptual awareness and astute focus for calculation of their motions and magnetic influences! Myrrh is the astrologer’s companion. Dress a white or black candle to enLighten your forecasting!

Myrrh sharpens your subtle sight (clairvoyance) for discerning flow, the resonance of CHI and magnetic energies. This illumination is invaluable for a healer working with subtle techniques of chakra balancing, Reiki or auric clearing. The scentual peace of myrrh helps the healer to create and direct comforting and restorative Light.

Remember myrrh in your Fall Equinox celebrations and then again at Candlemas. In need of a small ‘lift’ during the day? Give yourself a few moments to go within and journey outwards with a touch of myrrh!

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