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Mugwort Oil

Mugwort Oil - 5ml
Mugwort Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

MUGWORT OIL: (Artemisia vulgaris-american) FEMININE DIVINE CRYSTAL CLEANSE PURIFICATION HEALING BALM INSIGHT STAMINA DREAMING MIDSUMMER Mugwort is the hand of Artemis reaching out to bring comfort and clarity. Mugwort acts sensually to simply let you feel better. The Goddess within is awakened using Mugwort. It stimulates the energy of the Huntress bringing a brand new insight and emotional clarity, when used for this purpose. Mugwort is under the care-full guardianship of sweet Venus and dreaming Neptune, influenced with a loving stability by our Earth Mother. The Goddess resonates strongly in Mugwort!

Artemis lends her purifying and healing energies to Mugwort for celebratory or ritual purposes. Burned in ready need to cleanse, the oil will give quick comfort and renewal if used to restore in the midst of stressful situations. When we are lonely, feeling forgotten or in need of a general sincere upliftment and nurture, Mugwort will surly come to our rescue. Always keep it handy!

Venturing into the Telluric realms? Mugwort guides you into a harmonious alignment with the Earth Motherís children within. Use Mugwort Oil to awaken the guardians within your crystals, gemstones and minerals. Energy directors, healing stones, gifting stones and meditation aids are cleansed and activated using Mugwort by anointing prior to your creative visual journeying techniques towards the Guardians of the stones.

A traditional success in the art of dreaming can be invoked designing a small pillow of mugwort to guide your nocturnal journeys. Use a mixture of mugwort, sweetgrass and broom herbs, charged with your intentions for dreamwork and anoint the pillow each evening with your Mugwort Oil. Your connections to the Goddess within you are strengthened in your dreamtime, manifesting precognitive and symbolic images for greater clarity in your waking life!

Your Mugwort Oil is a fine choice during Midsummer rituals or celebrations and donít forget itís strong cleansing value for common blessings!

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