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Mt Meru – Angkor Wat Oil - Template of Transcension – Crown Chakra Vortex

Mt Meru – Angkor Wat Oil - 5ml - Template of Transcension – Crown Chakra Vortex
Mt Meru – Angkor Wat Oil - 5ml - Template of Transcension – Crown Chakra Vortex
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Product Description

Crown Chakra energies of the Earth Mother.

(The mythological Bhuddist / Hindu / Jainist centerplace of connecting the physical universe with the Spiritual universe – multidimensional worlds. The best representation of Mt. Meru is the Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat, where the pilgrimage story of Mt. Meru speaks from the walls as you walk through it. With roots in heall and it’s summit in heaven, Mt. Meru is the comprehensive point of transcension in an individual’s life; the epiphany of new conscious awareness and a tangible connection to the Spirit of person, place and existence.

We must honor our body as we honor our Spirit. The As Above, So Below axiom, manifest as Mt. Meru, describes the circle of life eternity, the warp and woof of polarity to achieve balance in demonstration. The everyday experience of this is vital to healing our environment and allowing the right Medicine to cure our dis-eases. Each of us searches for this tangible quality gifting us conformatioin of our sacred unity with All That Is. Mt. Meru Oil has been blended to help you personally grasp this through a companionship with our living Home. Through small acts of intention and daily meditation we begin to bring healing and harmony back into the energy fields sustaining us and Home. This is the transcension point for humanity and the Earth Mother right now. It is URGENT. Think globally, act locally! Each morning or every evening before you retire, us a little Mt. Meru Oil and anoint yourself and Home with your intention to be a contributing part of the re-greening of Home. Create a committed relationship between your Soul and the Soul of Home with Mt. Meru Oil everyday.

A global mobility gives life to this planetary chakra – vortex. Representing the Crown Chakra of Gaia, Mt Meru is the single clarity of focal thought we attain in this life when we consciously reach the center of All That Is. Samadi. Transcendence. Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia is the manifest symbol and Spirit of Place for Mt Meru. Spikenard, sandalwood, cedarwood, foin’ coupe (hay), tonka bean and white lotus bring a sweetness between heaven and earth!

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