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Morpheus Oil

Morpheus Oil - 5ml
Morpheus Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

MORPHEUS: Greek – God of Pleasant Dreams: Did you wake up from a dream of walking naked through the grocery store? Thank Morpheus, The Sandman! His realm is that of providing dreams that awaken the conscious mind to dilemmas and opportunities through your dreams. His companions, Hypnos (sleep) and Thanatos (death) combine their ethers to endow Morpheus with the ability to inspire and bring messages from the Gods (precognitive dreams). For fast and rejuvenating sleep time, call Morpheus to help you cross the boundaries into Hypnos!

Companions: Hypnos, Thanatos, Aglia, Phobos, Nyx, Styx, shapeshifters, mimicry, all hallucinogen plants, opium poppies, ivory, horn, ebony, dragon’s eye obsidian, black winged birds, tree of woe, tree of forgetfulness, tree of epiphany, soma, sheet quartz, black onyx, gardenias and rose. The beautiful intoxication of Artemisia and gardenia bring healing dreams!

Ideals & Goals: Good dreams are the goal of Morpheus. He brings a parade of characters and mentors through your sleep for tagging your conscious memory. When Morpheus has entered your dreamtime, you remember the quality and characters in the dream.

Inspiring talents & skills: His job is to inspire hero-ione’s to accomplish their goals and tasks through dreams of how to! He guides your personal life goals and brings the goals of karma there for you to understand and explore.

Accomplishments: From Morpheus, through the influence he brings to our dreams, much of the world has arisen. Morpheus can fulfill desire and longing in the dreamtime, if you ask his assistance or he sees you in pain. His is a healing gift!

Paradigm Shift skills: Morpheus will help you with dreamtime discernment, a most important quality during transitional times! He will enlighten you to which Gate your dreams are coming through: the Gate of Ivory, pleasant non manifesting dreams or the Gate of Horn through which pass precognitive dreams and omens.

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