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Morgan Le Fay Oil

Morgan Le Fay Oil - 5ml
Morgan Le Fay Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

MORGAN LE FAY: Avalonian / Celtic – High Priestess & Enchantress: She is one of the nine sisters of Avalon, or Lady’s of the Lake. A daughter of the Fay folk, the fairies, she holds an authority to craft and teach well the mystery of enchantment as ably as she teaches how to heal. In her Underworld aspect she becomes the initiator for Arthur (the hero) opening him to a more expanded consciousness in facing his darkness within. She is the personification of feminine mystery, confidence and magical resolutions. She will guide you into the realm of The Fay where you may communicate with the devas and understand the healing and transforming alchemy of plants!

Companionship Alignments: Merlin, Igraine, Viviane, ViViana, Lady of the Lake, Arthur the King, Lancelot, Galahad, shapeshifters, crows and magpies, owls, Kites, apple blossoms, queen anne’s lace, mullein, almond flower, reunion flower (ash), mugwort and valerian root. Her blend is delicately mysterious; carrot seed, bright violet leaf, deep oakmoss and magnolia.

Nurturing capacities: Morgan helps you to understand and define your intuition, a most vital skill! Becoming adept at feeling when you are being guided, the touch between veils that manifests as the chill up the back of your neck, the play of Light in your peripheral vision, your dreams provoking new awareness and understanding of the events in your life. Morgan guides you quietly into a self confidence for defining and making this knowledge fearless and completing of who you are.

Inspirational influence: Morgan inspires you toward Medicine Making! Following your own educated instincts and intuitions in being the healer!

Healing gifts: Morgan is the foremost potions mistress! Her agility with the healing powers of plants and elements guides the healer with acuity and delight. In her dark aspect, she becomes the Underworld Goddess who brings the King through his initiations…this is her designation as the opener of the way into our own fears and doubts for confrontation. This is a true healing gift, addressing the issues causing malady!

Creative drive: Morgan unfailingly follows her own dreams. She is there to assist you in staying true to your own instincts and desires to learn and grow.

Leadership qualities: Here is another Lady of the Lake, her love and care for the apprentice, the accolade is unflinching! She guides as the proctor and teacher.

Paradigm Shift skills: Morgan Le Fay, they say, waits to attend those who seek a parting of the veils in the midst of our standing stone formations. Her guidance at standing stones will help the seeker find their way ‘through’!

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