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Moldavite "lightbody" Essence

Moldavite "lightbody" Essence
Moldavite "lightbody" Essence
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Product Description

Moldavite Essence brings large changes! A tektite, gemstone from meteorite, especially gemstone cut and polished stones resonate strongly.

A subtle vibrational applied for the following properties: Itís primary gift is TRANSFORMATION. Excelling and creating breakthroughs in spiritual awareness, Moldavite triggers a shift in consciousness Ö one sought and often difficult for the individual awaken. Traditionally thought to have brought harmony to marriage / the reason it is the largest jewel in the U.K. crown. Connection to your guides / angels. Excellent dream time assistance, take before bedtime with intention to guide or call dreams. Useful meditation stone when journeying cosmically. This is your guide into the shadow side. Moldavite helps you to navigate your fears and resolve the issues within them.

Medicinal applications: Successfully can 'awaken' physical / tangible feeling of the stones' resonance ... allowing for a quickening of the body.

Crisis: Contemplate the origins of moldavite; a meteoric explosion 15 million years ago dug through the earth's crust and penetrated the molten core center, dissolving raw moldavite into the core of the planet. Whenever you are experiencing a crisis of disconnection to multiple dimensions / cosmic / Moldavite Essence can help to re-establish your connectivity with protection. Clarity of communications with cosmic sources.

Awakening the intelligence of the heart! Useful in activating your awareness of heart / we must filter our 'reality' through our hearts'. Having an activated heartcenter is needful!

Aligns with the Mental & Causal bodies of consciousness. Activates the crown chakra allowing chi flow through all the chakras down to the Earth chakra.

It is a Scorpio stone. The element associative to moldavite is storms. This is a gem to evoke change!

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