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Merlin mist

Merlin Mist 4oz
Merlin Mist 4oz
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Product Description

MERLIN: Welsh / Celtic – The Myrddin! & Druid Wizard: Sage magician, alchemist and necromancer in Arthurian stories, he is indeed probably wondering around here as a young, handsome lad now…perhaps creating the latest technologies! Merlin youthened! He is the archetype of the Wizard. ‘The’ Merlin really was a title used to signify the head over Druid bards in the olde religion. The resonance of the Merlin is that of the counselor, guardian and wizard wise over initiate healers, bards, lawgivers and those reckoned to the olde ways. A peacemaker, Merlin advised with cunning and holding true to ancient ideals for the protection of the community. His role is the leader, not the advisor! He lives in a transitional state of being.

Companions: Owls, the Lady of the Lake, Excalibur, Vortigren, Arthur, Morgan Le Fay, Viviane, Nimue, Taliesin, Tintagel island, the wide brimmed / wide peaked Druids’ hat, hazel tree, oak tree, mistletoe, sulfur, dragons blood, quartz crystals, merlinite, selenite, blue stone granite, falcons, white stags, serpent and salmons resonate with Merlin. A white rose, sweet marjoram, garden sage and violet bring Merlin’s presence to you!

Ideals & Goals: As in Arthurian lore, ‘might for right’ was the counsel he gave to warlords and kings. Protecting the People and the commerce of the land, Merlin was the prime minister. Most importantly, Merlin’s role in the greater world was to endow the olde ways into the leadership over the land and to remember the Ancestors. ‘For it is the doom of man, that he forgets’. As a tutor, he schooled Arthur towards what was a foundation for democracy. Ancient Traditions and the forgotten legends of our Ancestors are Merlin’s tablets! He will guide the scribe or the seeker in clarity and knowledge for bringing the past to the present as a standard of learning.

Inspiring talents & skills: Who of us doesn’t want to wave a wand and have it transform or manifest for us? Merlin used no wand for instant gratification! He taught and demonstrated how skill was achieve through knowledge… most especially in shapeshifting. Be it! Feel it! Know it! The arts of Divination are under his influence, Merlin is unparallel as the diviner. When looking for a guide to assist you in opening your third eye and interpretation of symbols and portents in dreams, astral journeys, meditation or manifest occurrences (shamanism of relating the repetitive sighting of animals, symbols, situations) Merlin is the superior guide to call on!

Accomplishments: Mentor, teacher, Wizard, healer, Merlin was adept. As a diplomat, he brought new beginnings to old issues and resolutions. He is an extraordinary guide and mentor.

Paradigm Shift skills: As Merlin exists in a state of transition, his skill for flowing with the energy is wonderful assistance! Call on Merlin to help you through the transitions you face during this volatile time. Divination!

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