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MEN Oil -5ml - I am Home.
MEN Oil -5ml - I am Home.
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Product Description

MEN {men}

I am Home. Men triggers that exciting time of reunion with your Home, the living planet. As Men resonates into your consciousness, you can establish a new relationship with the living Earth. Mayan communities (in harmony with all Indigenous communities) share a kinship consciousness with the planet. Earth is your Home. Your neighborhood is the solar system. Your community is the Milky Way galaxy. Your world is the expanding Universe, demonstratively multidimensional.

Men excites your desire to be included in this transcending consciousness! Men will guide you into intimate experiences with your Home, often revealing the many incarnations you have spent here. Your intentions to evolve and positively shift the moment towards Light make a difference! Realizing the vast resonance of your existence in the planetary field renews your hope. Hope is a primary catalyst of planetary change. Hope sets your intentions and simple intentions resonate outwardly through the morphogenic fields surrounding you changing everything! The living planet holds all of this conformation within the structure of its subtle fields of consciousness. Reunion with the planetary consciousness awakens your sacred compassion, the tool of planetary healing. The glyph of Men unfolds a new understanding of:

A personally developed sacred compassion & empathy with the planet

Perceiving the magnetic fields of the planet holding planetary consciousness

Grasping the present evolution of the planetary global community

Recognizing planetary vortexes, leys, elemental-magnetic nadis & planetary subtle bodies

Acknowledgement of your personal Akashic record connected to planetary evolution

Men Oil is a consciousness shifting fragrance created using the penetrating Medicines of Clary Sage, Nutmeg, Mugwort, Fir, Spikenard, Wild Chamomile and Oakmoss. Use your Men Oil generously to bring body and Spirit into unity with the planetary fields!

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