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Maui Oil

Maui Oil - 5ml
Maui Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

Polynesian – He Who Captures the Sun! Joyful wave rider and true companion, Maui slowed the Sun for the People, lifted the sky and fulfilled the Aloha life of kindness. Anyone who has lived in the tropics knows, there is a true way of ‘islander’ that enchants and delights in relaxation. Maui brings this incredible joy and pace of life to you! Maui is the personification of Aloha; a Tradition anchored in love and kindness for healing.

Companions: Maui-Tiki-Tiki, Pele, Haumea, Hina, Akalana, Halekala, jellyfish, fish hook, fish, rooster, sharks, banana tree, wiliwili tree, yams, sweetgrass, passion fruit, breadfruit, plumeria, jasmine, lemongrass and bright yellow hibiscus! Maui’s fragrance invites you take it easy and relax with sweetgrass, grapefruit and jasmine.

Ideals & Goals: Maui cherished all the good things in life, especially the lonesome, challenging sport of surfing! His influence is one of never being idle, yet relaxing with a resource for good health and sport. Golf, surfing, tennis, swimming, fishing, these kinds of activities are influenced with positive health aspects.

Inspiring talents & skills: The art of relaxation is an important asset to the successful person. If you can’t relax and spend quality time learning who you are in different arenas of life, you are stunted in your personal growth. Maui teaches enjoyment in our expansion of skills as hobbies.

Accomplishments: Maui’s influence nurtures you in your pleasure. Good health and clear thought result in taking time and patience with yourself in relaxation. Be the islander!

Paradigm Shift skills: As the Guardian of the Road to the Invisible World (the regions of PO), Maui can lead you through your hobbies into a transcending quality of consciousness…repetitive actions in sport, meditative qualities in lonesome activities like surfing and fishing, all these ways of enjoying the world surrounding you lead you within where the ability to transcend waits!

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