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MAYA T'zolkin OILS 5 PAC

MAYA T'zolkin OILS 5 PAC
MAYA T'zolkin OILS 5 PAC
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Choose any 5 of the Day Sign oils from our Mayan collection. *Check the Maya Oils page for choices*

The Maya cast their gaze into the Heart of Heaven and made a ‘count of days’ to measure the motion of life. They defined a stellar shamanism in astronomical and mathematical calculations called the T’zolkin, the great Sun Stone calendar. Astute stellar astronomers, their calculations gave us more than dates and eons for remembrance and development. The long count T’zolkin demonstrates the convergence of Light, body and motion through our expanding universe, encouraging us to grasp our holistic identity as spiritual beings evolving on multidimensional levels of existence. The Maya invite us to comprehend the physics of eternity through the template of our humanity displayed in the reciprocal motion of the universe.

Mayan astronomers discovered our galactic center (the black hole of the Milky Way) Hunab Ku, using it as a galactic bearing in their astronomy. Observing this perpetual center point, they brought precision and forecast together in movement and natural measure on a galactic scale of calculation in relationship to our Home, Earth. It revealed the phenomena of ‘precession of the equinoxes’, the tracking motion of our solar system as it travels through each constellation of our zodiac every 2100 to 2600 years and totaling 26,000 Earth years or one galactic - astrological ‘great year’ of evolutionary motion. Precession is marked in ‘ages’ identified by the constellation of influence we pass through. We are passing out of the constellation of Pisces (believing) and moving into the constellation of Aquarius (knowing) bringing us to the conclusion of a full term in galactic evolution. The T’zolkin charts our evolutionary point of new genesis on Winter Solstice of 2012, the dawning of brand new galactic year. All preceding constellations have wielded a specific influence over us defining each eon or age. Just as astrology determines the astrological calculation of the planets and stars in a psychological relationship of solar magnetic influences, the T’zolkin relates time in galactic influences, the rise and fall of consciousness. This translation reveals personal and planetary psychological dynamics and opportunities. The Maya observed the relationships between the planets, the stars and this evolutionary progression to formulate the calendrical measure-motion of the T’zolkin. T’zolkin gives us tools for transformational guidance into a New Age.

The 20 Sacred Signs or glyphs of the T’zolkin chart natural seasons for our growth and opportunity, providing powerful symbolic images to contemplate and initiate them. T’zolkin glyphs forecast the ascending stages of personal transformation you will experience in your life. T’zolkin Oils are sensual interpretations of the glyphs to introduce you to a galactic resonance, the rising and falling of consciousness in arousing fragrances! Use them to help you imagineer your inner journeys and personally define the tools available to you to stimulate your cosmic consciousness. You can allow Mayan Oils help you shift your ideals of the world surrounding you and understand your personal responsibility within our planetary evolution!

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