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Mamon Brigette Oil

Mamon Brigette Oil - 5ml
Mamon Brigette Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

MAMON / MAMAN BRIGETTE: Haitian & Celtic Iwa wife of Baron Semidi: descended from Brigid/St. Brigit, the Celtic "triple goddess" of poetry, smithcraft, and healing. She must have immigrated into the Caribbean by way of the hearts of deported Scottish and Irish indentured servants. There is a song: sung in ceremonies which goes Maman Brijit, li soti nan anglete, Maman Brigitte, she comes from England..." Brigid was more Scottish than English.

Companionship alignments: She is an Underworld queen, a dark aspect of the Goddess through the cosmic forces in Voudou and the consort of the crossroads Ifa, Baron Semidi and one of the Ghede. Fire agates, hot peppery rum,

Nurturing capacities: Mamon B awakens your skills in detecting falsehoods and activating your awareness in self authority!

Inspirational influence: She brings great strength of character and commitment to achieving a purpose or goal. One of the Ghede. Her dark aspect paralyzes learning and growth in fear of the unknown.

Creative drive: Resurrecting lost or forgotten dreams... Mamon Brigette will reawaken you to them and encourage you to reclaim them!

Leadership qualities: Mamon Brigette conveys self authority. She will expect you to submerge yourself in the creating your dreams and come through your darkness within.

Paradigm Shift Qualities: Facing any fear before you ready to transmute it for the lessons and gifts they bring to you.

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