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Lugh Oil

Lugh Oil - 5ml
Lugh Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

LUGH: Celtic – Boy King of Tara / the Long Hand of Light: The night piercing beacon is Lugh’s presence bringing Light and victory! A fortunate guidance and unrelenting achiever, he is the peaceful warrior who guides all artisans and travelers. Diplomacy is an art he helps you to cultivate! Lugh is the Lord of the Milky Way, the presiding Lord of Tir na n-Og (Land of Youth), where one travels to upon initiation for Lugh’s help and guidance in choosing a life path. He gifted the Leprechauns with their gold and bid them bury beneath the rainbow’s end. Good fortune is his strong attribute. He can master any art, win any contest and help you to build your self esteem! He is champion of the ancient Tuatha De Danann race who settled Erie. He was the finest sportsman and equestrian.

Companions: Tograin, Cuchulainn, Morrigan, Lugus, Llew, Mercury – Hermes, Masculine Divine Trinity – compassionate youth, wise king, sage Elder, Manannan mac Lir (fostered him), The Horned Gods, Cian Ethniu, Balor, Rosemerta, ravens, lynxes, hounds, lightning, extra sharp spears, swords, blacksmiths, metal workers, harvest festivals (Lughnasadh), beacons and flashing lights, Newgrange, fields of grain, bonfires, song and dance – celebrations and horse racing. Granite, gold, silver, golden zincite, emeralds and jade all resonate with Lugh. Dandelions, primrose. Lords and Ladies, lily of the valley and shamrocks are his. Lugh’s blend uplifts and brightens with sunny ginger lily, beeswax superior and lily of the valley!

Ideals & Goals: Lugh will help you to face issues of self esteem, his golden attitude and sweet nature enable a gentle, reassuring Spiritual relationship. He is the patron Spiritual Warrior. Call on him for help in focus and direction.

Inspiring talents & skills: All! Whenever you doubt, or your enthusiasm wanes, Lugh will bring rejuvenation and clarity. As the cosmic Boy King, his talents with Light (consciousness) bring penetrating skills for trance, meditation and breaking free of fear to enter the Unknown.

Accomplishments: Victorious in battle, sports and crafting. His services of guidance and endurance bring resolution and success. He is a master of good fortune.

Paradigm Shift skills: A son of a Tuatha father and Fomorian mother, he merges the Divine Nature between cultures in order to instill Peace and abundance.

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