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Lucky Mojo Oil!

Lucky Mojo Oil!
Lucky Mojo Oil!
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Product Description

Traditional Uses: Attracting favorable choices, increasing favorable circumstances to surround you, increase your overall luck with auspicious timing & recognizing beneficial opportunities.

Here be the Charm: Cut you off a clean blond piece of the Devilís Shoestring and be sure you speak to it of itís job. Vibe it up! Put pictures of fortunate events for yourself into the stringwood. Put sippin brandy and Lucky Mojo Oil in a green glass bottle, add your Devilís Shoestring to it and vibe it up! Cork the bottle and put it in the back of your cupboard for seven lucky days. Collect some fertile, attracting vetiver herbe, a little graveyead dirt herbe of patchouli, a piece of clean silver, a piece of clean copper and a piece of rich gold. Make a mojo from something skinned the honest way and put the vibe of your lucky moments in itís pouch with your vibed up herbes and metal to grow and build you fortunate events! At the end of a lucky seven days rise at dawn on the next morning and pray to the Sun to fill your mojo bag Uncork your green glass bottle and put your Devilís Shoestring into the mojo to attract your fortunate events. Assemble it all in bright sunLight, oil it up with Lucky Mojo Oil, put it in your pocket and be lucky!

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