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Loki Oil

Loki Oil - 5ml
Loki Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

LOKI: Norse / Teutonic – Divine Trickster & Designer! A God of Fire. True to trickster nature, Loki is an influence of mischief, mimicry, calamity and perversion. Through these mis-takes, we learn and grow with greater wisdom and clarity. Loki brings great skills to the seeker through ingenuity, problem solving and redesign.

Companions: Farbauti, Laufey, Odin, Baldur, Freya, Fenrir, Thor, Sigyn, Angrboda, hayokas, giants, shapeshifters, skywalkers, the wolf and the serpent encircling the world – Omphallos. Jet, black diamonds, moldavite and sardonyx all resonate with Loki. Yew tree, black nightshade, night blooming jasmine, the black rose and hawthorn flowers. Loki’s blend is a black rose, rose into sages, an adept, wise fragrance endowing wit and resource.

Ideals & Goals: Endless resourcefulness! Loki can outwit and out design you in a flash. He is unpredictable and undependable, characteristics that are sometimes the most useful qualities we can grasp to accomplish our goals.

Inspiring talents & skills: Loki is crafty, more in creative capabilities than in being mischievous. His energy is boundless and he brings good humor into your space! His quick with and cunning gives will assist you as the writer.

Accomplishments: As the fortune hunter he lends you adeptness for judging and prognosticating business. Loki is a resourceful companion, but full of tricks to enable you to see the truth or clarity!

Paradigm Shift skill: His vast resource for detailed knowledge coupled to his cunning nature are reinforced by his pure energy and actions. A formidable ability for change during this time!

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