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Lilith Oil

Lilith Oil - 5ml
Lilith Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

LILITH: Sumerian - First Woman of Education & Independence: She is the woman who seizes the Light! Biblically, a feminine depiction of Lucifer (Bringer of the Light) or the first wife of Adam, Lilith has endured for ten thousand years in various cultures as a woman of independence, seeking knowledge. Always associated with societies outcasts (vampires, harlots, storm Spirits, unwed, etc.), she has evolved as the Goddess of the Quest! A protector for the Sumerian and Babylonians, a demon-ess to the ancient Judeo record, her guidance and patronage has been reclaimed in the resurging Goddess community.

Companionship alignments: Night blooming jasmine and orchids belong to Lilith. Her blend is based in Jasmine Grandiflorum added to grounding styrax / liquidamber and oakmoss absolute. Cedar, oak, jasmine, orris root, wine soaked cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and honey, ageless serpents, nighthawks, strix owls (the Latin for strega / witch), Great Horned Owl and lions are her companions. Any black and red stone calls her presence, black obsidian, black star sapphire and ruby resonate with Lilith.

Nurturing capacities: Lilith comes to you as the Queen of the Night and shows you how to nurture yourself when you lack support and companionship; she is guardian to rebels and outcasts, the lonely ones.

Inspirational influence: Lilith is the prototypical independent woman. Her inspiration is in holding your own will to do as sacred, your own ideas and creativity as the moral standard to live by and your own aspirations as prayer.

Healing gifts: Lilith brings you resolution of your goals. To be decisive and committed in your own chosen path. Her dark side shows as waffling ideals or commitments and lack of concern for those you are working with.

Creative drive: Under Lilith’s guidance you are enabled to do whatever you reach for. She provides a driving passion and unyielding will to accomplish.

Leadership qualities: Strength, mental agility, due diligence and integrity dominate her independent qualities.

Paradigm Shift skills: Lilith Lights the way for independence and pioneering psychic abilities (cultivation of new and innovative techniques to ‘turn on’ your extrasensory abilities).

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