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Lightbody Awakening Box

Lightbody Awakening Box
Lightbody Awakening Box
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Product Description

Quantum Essences: Nadis Lightways, Meridianal Points, Etheric Initiator, Astral Initiator, Mental Initiator & Causal Activator.

Chakras 2012 oils: Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye & Crown oils.

1 dram Quantum essence dropper bottles including:

Nadis Lightways Essence

Thousands of thread-like conductors of CHI called Nadis connect the physical you and your subtle anatomy. They penetrate your physical body through Meridian points and subtle channels with CHI filtered through correlative Chakras to vitalize your organs, systems and glands. Your Nadis constantly transmit CHI directed from your Causal Body of consciousness; your Soul. Like your breath, CHI is an auto-reflex…continuous. CHI is your essential vitality; without it you cease on all levels. Your Nadis penetrates you completely, down to cellular levels. Nadis are woven throughout your anatomy into your nervous system and brain. CHI is a vitality of information, informing you through a subtle luminescence. Understanding the creative authority of CHI is essential to the conscious influence of your well-being and physical longevity. All subtle healing techniques use CHI to heal with. CHI is the White Light (or any color application) creating the intentions and visualizations you work with to heal, send energy…White Light you call upon is a subtle universal CHI, relative on all levels of existence. Light bonds All That Exists. You can use it freely to direct, create, sustain healing or bring yourself new awareness and understanding!

Your CHI is influenced by your thoughts, feelings and actions. Your Chakras distinguish the quality of this influence. Just as your intentions and work with your Chakras can consciously influence them, you can consciously influence the quality of CHI that sustains you, through energy work. When we get sick it’s a direct result of an unresolved emotional issue-creating blockage to our CHI flow through our Nadis. We experience dis-ease with our body. When a healer ‘sees’ a blockage, they will describe the issue and malady according to their Traditional knowledge and resolve a ‘cure’ or therapy correspondent within that Tradition. Each Tradition is effective!

Your Nadis Lightways Essence works to bring your mind’s eye to the subtle threads of CHI flowing into your body through your Meridians. Nadis Lightways illuminates your Nadis and works to invigorate the flow within them, guided by your intentions as you begin working through any blockage using creative visualizations. Your blockages are lodged subtly in your Etheric Body, closest to your physical self, shimmering a few inches outwardly. This is where the healer will begin to astrally apply Chakra counter balancing, Reiki or auric cleansing to dislodge blocks with subtle Light. Remember, the issue lodged is the result of an experience based in fear, the opposition to Light…it will appear in various formations that ‘go hot’ or sometimes become brilliantly, correlatively colorful to a specific chakra when subtly stimulated. You become familiar with correlation’s through colors and symptoms through developing your subtle sensitivity using Nadis Lightways Essence.

Nadis Lightways Essence applications:

¢ Discerning where blockage is & correlative Chakra

¢ Developing a sensitivity for past life-current life issue attached to the Nadis

¢ Locating correlating Meridian swelled shut or dampened

¢ Re-establish vitality, invigorate you when fatigued or drained & increase your stamina

¢ Acceptance of more CHI flow & excel recovery from illness or trauma

All of the Quantum Essences are excellent bathing applications! Use 10 drops per bath. In your meditation exercises or healing applications, visually illuminate your Nadis when using Nadis Lightways and envision CHI flowing through the many gossamer threads of your Nadis. Gradually begin to explore for locations of subtle blockage, correspond the location to an appropriate Chakra and color. Reopen your CHI flow by applying Light visually, keeping acute to your memory and open to information coming into your awareness and enabling you to expose the issue so you may begin to clear it.

Meridianal Points Essence

CHI flow enters into your body through an intricate network of micro-ducts and subtle channels called Meridians. Connective to and opening from your Nadis flow; they enable the lifeforce necessary to sustain your physical vitality and to balance your emotional well-being. Your Meridians establish the subtle-physical interface of acceptance and allowance. Acupuncture therapy maintains your meridians allowing maximum CHI flow and enables greater well-being in keeping your energies regularly balanced. Their distinct CHI flow maintenance retains your excellent health!

Your Chakras channel and transform CHI into the specific correspondent Meridians as correct hormonal, nerve and cellular specific energies. There are 12 pairs of primary Meridians, 6 yin and 6 yang in polarity with vast auxiliary Meridian points. Each of your Meridians’ is related to an organ-system / function and can be correlated through your Chakras. The Meridian micro-ducts carry electrolytic fluids – CHI enrichment along your Nadis from your subtle bodies into your organs and directly into cellular levels. An acupuncturist restores CHI flow by stimulating a correlative Meridian point to counter imbalance. Counter balancing in acupuncture can mean the stimulation of a nearby Meridian to the Meridian swelled shut or dampened to encourage and restore CHI flow. Balance is the subtle property relating to your Meridians, offering the tool of polarity to work with through understanding and intention.

Meridianal Points Essence applications:

‡ Use to locate & counter-balance swelled / dampened Meridian points.

‡ Illuminate & maintain the Meridians for subtle & physical body interface.

‡ To re-establish strong CHI flow into the body & sustain a physical – emotional balance.

‡ For enhanced penetrative quality of CHI imbument during subtle techniques & healing applications.

‡ Help you define correlation with specific chakras on subtle levels

Use Meridianal Points Essence in your healing applications with subtle Light techniques in tandem with Nadis Lightways Essence to establish a strong, constant flow of CHI and to initiate a new balance emotionally and physically. Bathing with Meridianal Points Essence is an excellent restoration of emotional balance during transitional times.

Etheric Initiator Essence

Your Etheric Body is your first subtle body of consciousness, a living library of your past, present and the choices creating your future! When a talented psychic ‘reads’ you, they are discerning the information you make available in your Etheric Body. It appears right there in your auric field superimposed over your physical body, shimmering outwardly to encompass your Chakras in a slightly higher frequency of coexistence (multiple dimensions). Here is the catalog of your incarnations in karmic – dharmic nodal points (emotional issues) to access for healing and growth! The seed of a future you are creating, the memories you wait to remember, the darkness attracted to your fears and the selfless or unconditional acts stimulating greater personal evolution are all subtle signatures within your Etheric Body of consciousness. Just prior to physical manifestation, every thought or intention, feeling and every action you will take, exists there. The issues you are aware of and those you are not conscious of yet, creating the blockage in your Nadis to your Meridians, reside in your Etheric Body.

Whenever you orchestrate a subtle healing session, your actions combine your Third Eye and Astral Body (the subtle YOU on different levels performing these actions with intention and purpose). You create the healing through your ‘mind’s eye’ in your astral mobility of consciousness. It works! You apply these techniques into the field of your Etheric Body in tandem with the Astral Body for immediate healing effects.

Your Etheric Body is both the influencing agent and the subtle-physical interface field where your Chakras, Nadis and Meridians are responding to CHI. CHI enters your body through the Etheric Body field filtered by your Chakras. As you become aware of the issues (karmic – dharmic nodal points in your auric field) creating malady and redefine them in a new understanding and acceptance, healing begins. Equally, not every healing requires understanding and acceptance of an issue … subtle healing accepted by intention is tremendously effective as the catalyst for new awareness and change.

Your Etheric Initiator Essence illuminates this process and provides a subtle stimulation of your Third Eye to ensure greater accuracy during healing sessions or meditations. When a healing is complete, the nodal point (lodged issue) vacates the Etheric Body, ascending into the Mental Body transforming into a quality of character, wisdom or a new healing talent to share with others! (This describes the shamanic journeying into our darkness to embrace and transform our fears and find resolutions, birthing new gifts.) This is a primary form of self-healing…from embryosis throughout life the qualities and maladies appearing in your Etheric Body are the structure of your present evolution, inspiring and developing the qualities of your character.

Etheric Initiator Essence assists your Chakra meditations and offers quick grounding in stressful situations. It is specially designed to work in harmony with your Nadis Lightways and Meridianal Points Essences during healing sessions. These three essences’ help you (and the healer) accomplish more focused and specifically guided subtle energies during healing sessions. Use these essences for your Reiki attuning or healing, Chakra balancing and auric cleansing sessions. You can create a ‘dose’ bottle combining the three essences for these purposes. Etheric Initiator will stimulate new subtle sensitivity as you explore for the subtle densities in your Etheric Body emanating from nodal points where your issues are lodged. It’s an effective temporary cleansing agent for your auric field allowing you to work with your Chakras while stimulating greater subtle clarity to observe your Chakra dynamics.

Etheric Initiator Essence applications:

ま Subtly illuminate & explore the Etheric Body field with your (minds’ eye) Third Eye

ま Grasp the flux of each Chakra, to determine balance / counter-balance needed or the correlative quality of a nodal point – issue

ま Clear & cleanse your auric field

ま Awaken dormant psi-abilities & assist your skill for subtle reading of the Etheric Body in others

ま Gently introduce your Lightbody into your consciousness awareness

This is the beginning place in your Light energy work: balancing and counter-balancing techniques. Etheric Initiator Essence is a wonderful boost to stimulate your psi-abilities! Use it plentifully! Etheric Initiator can bring the experience of your subtle anatomy into your working awareness.

Astral Initiator Essence

Many of your greatest adventures lie within the actualization of your Astral Body of consciousness! Your expectations of yourself, who you wish to be, who you are capable of being in your most extraordinary moments and the demonstrations of who you fear you are during your worst moments, all thrive on the Astral plane through the mobility of your consciousness. You are a ShapeShifter! All the magnificent tools of your imagination are exceptionally successful on the astral plane. The challenge is in grounding these adventures positively for personal growth and success in your everyday life. “If you can dream it; you can do it!”

Your Astral Body of consciousness is that mobility you experience through the gifts of your ‘mind’s eye’ (Third Eye Chakra)! Through it you explore the special territory of Myth, sexual desire, longing, feelings, fears, creativity and conformations, too! At the very least, half our lives are played out on the astral plane. Are you a dreamer? Where do you think you are when you daydream or go to sleep? You’re on the astral plane…an indisputable level of existence with incredibly magnetic properties offering both the capabilities to manifest your dreams for success and your greatest fears! It’s the homeplace of Magic! This is the fourth dimension, accessible and fundamental to our third dimensional existence.

The Astral Body superimposes over and merges with your Etheric Body, shinning outwardly in response to your active imagination in another higher frequency of existence. This is your ‘emotional body’, transmitting your emotions, affecting the CHI imbuing you through astral chakras into your Etheric Body. Your major Chakra system is affected primarily through your major Solar Plexus Chakra as an initial processing dynamic cascading outwardly into each successive major Chakra. The phenomenon of OBE (out-of-body experience) and the NDE (near-death-experience) are mobility of consciousness or Astral Body events observed through your Third Eye. When you dream or imagine, your Third Eye is providing you with the ‘sight’ of forecast you use in this dynamic.

Your Astral Body conveys your consciousness through any transcendent experience that you have. Unbidden, your Astral Body will take you into realms your imagination is determined to experience and invite you into multiple dimensions shared by many varieties of intelligence. Just as easily, it will propel you into living out your greatest fears! Your Astral Body is your strongest link to physical and emotional well being…we are who we think we are!

Your Astral projection (Astral Body) is the vehicle for every subtle task you perform:

• Light energy healing techniques

• Forecasting & building your world through intentions, imagination, dreams & your faculty of judgement

• Actualizes your subtle – psi senses

• Filters reception & sending the unspoken from all levels of communication

Your Astral Body builds the world surrounding you in seeing / forming your perception of what is real while envisioning what ‘can be’. Your Astral Body responds in supraluminal speed (faster than the speed of Light) to your sensuality! Here is your special bridge between the physical and the subtle world … your senses! The links between your sense of sight and clairvoyance, hearing and clairaudiance, touch and empathy, taste and smell intuiting the unseen, all of your physical senses correspond to your subtle sensuality or psi abilities. Your Astral Body provides a personally designed vehicle capable of grounding and using your psi sensuality. When working to consciously access and define your Astral abilities, developing a keen sensual authority is important for your conformations. The knowledgeable manipulation of your physical senses propels your Astral Body further into territories of new experience. Practice through intention and meditation, journeying and dreaming will eventually transcend your awareness from the physical into the unseen. The subtle influences of Astral Initiator Essence build and strengthen a link between your subtle senses and conscious mind, enhancing your practice. It will consciously draw your attention to the small clues your subtle sensuality reveals through what your Astral Body has experienced as it manifests in your everyday life.

Astral Initiator applications:

p Helps adjustment to consciousness mobility & developing communication skills with the unknown / unseen

p Decipher your nocturnal dreams, an excellent dream application

p Triggers mobility of consciousness or astral journeying

p Coordinates Third Eye observation, stimulates greater expanse of vision

p Provides subtle stimulation for healing sessions, journeying techniques & ceremonial participation

p Stimulates your creative imagination

Use your Astral Initiator just before bed to engage your Ancestors and Spirit Guides during dreamtime. As it assists your mobility of consciousness (astral projection) it will guide you through the ‘practice’ sessions you perform with journeying and the creative visualization fundamental to successful energy healing work. Anytime you use creative visualization therapies or apply Light techniques, Astral Initiator Essence will enhance your skills to discern and envision. This essence inspires your clarity as a ‘channeling’ agent, facilitating your connections in the unseen world. Whenever you require a break from the everyday, use your Astral Initiator to help take you away!

Connecting to your Higher Self Mental Initiator Essence

Your Mental Body of consciousness is the turnkey in transforming your nodal points of karmic – dharmic personal evolution. As the cognitive faculty for all forms of consciousness you posses, it regulates your supraluminal process of both sensory and subtle stimulation; a multidimensional filtering mechanism which keeps you grounded in your physical nature while allowing you to sensually tap into the unseen. Existence on all levels coalesces in your Mental Body, extending from your physical body in a golden hue. The Mental Body basically operates through a higher and lower mind exchange of enLightenment and understanding or confusion and loss of grounding with the physical (insanity). Achieving a balanced thought (an epiphany or moment of transcendence) is an optimal Mental Body process allowing us to express ourselves as Spiritual beings. This is our true brilliance! Everyone experiences epiphany and transcendence aligned to their unique life journey or destiny. These instances are a leap of growth, a moment of personal evolution.

Your Mental Body functions are intimately linked to your Astral Body dynamic, where the creativity of your projective imagination allows you to judge, discern and formulate the consequences of your choices and actions. It runs the machine and synthesizes sentient-ness through the Causal Body of consciousness. Your Solar Plexus Chakra is the primary Chakra transformer / filter of energetic information the Mental Body processes. Up another frequency of existence, the Mental Body sustains the continuous operation of physical – subtle interfacing, cognitive and dissonant experiences. This is displayed in the almost constant flux of colors in your auric field processing stimuli from all levels of existence, when you are mentally stimulated. As a regulator of your auric field, colors emanate responsively to the thoughts and consequential feelings from both physical and subtle stimuli. When you are mentally focused in meditation, physical exercise, study or in a state of relaxation, you easily maintain a consistent auric emanation. Your quiet or focused mind is a valuable tool in applying subtle techniques as the consistency of auric emanation allows a more outward regulation of CHI flow in subtle healing applications.

As you develop an idea to point of expression, it becomes a vibrant subtle signature in your Mental Body. The more habitual this thought is, the more significant it becomes in your auric field. These thoughts create the structure of your Mental Body. Just as your Etheric Body holds the descending signatures creating nodal points, the nodes contained in your Mental Body map your expansiveness, substantial ideals and values becoming brightest in subtle emanation just prior to inspiration and expression. If your lower and higher mind processes are not making connective correlations, you are confused, angry, over zealous, etc… you can become unmanageably dysfunctional. This is the lower mind taking control.

Your higher mind is limitlessly adaptable with care and intelligence, connective to your Highest Self. Both the lower and higher mind stimulate the left and right hemisphere’s of the physical brain indicating function: left brained thinking includes logic and coordination / judgement while the right brain indicates more intuitive and creative function. Metal Initiator Essence stimulates a simultaneous function of both for a cognitive elasticity to awaken personal expansiveness and your PSI senses. Self-actualization is the process of tapping both higher and lower mind harmoniously. Higher mind will reserve the safety valve of your subconscious urges in relationship to your Etheric blockages in allowing or disallowing judgement on knowing when to bring issues into your awareness with an acute timing for individual evolution. Lower mind is the most expressive; ego or the I=AM allowing you to accept dishonesty, arrogance, cruelty, laziness AND unconditional acts of love or kindness, your need to reach out to others with your emotions, creativity or logic. Lower mind allows us to retreat to fantasy when the challenge of fear invites us into our darkness within in order to work for healing resolutions. Restlessness, ignorance, petty mean-ness are all rote expressions of your lower mind triggered by memories of fear based issues. They become habitual or conditioned responses that retard your personal growth. Your lower mind recognizes them in expression while being triggered by your higher mind to choose whether to change your mind and your behavior. Descartes was flawed: I think, therefore I am; is a misnomer of consciousness, the trap of the solitary lower mind. When you allow your higher mind’s urges to re-think a dysfunctional behavior (which is automatically part of the process) you understand more completely that you are INSPIRED to think and therefore you are. Mental Initiator Essence works to bring this positive balance into habitual expression, developing an ongoing stream of the Divine connections of higher mind. This warp and woof is the polarity dynamic you discern with, discover your inner self through, excite creativity and expand your perception. Clear understanding of your personal polarity is a enLightening tool of definition triggered by your Mental Initiator Essence.

Your higher mind is the illuminate of your cosmic consciousness – intelligence, your connection to All That Exists. Mental Initiator Essence will gradually open your instinctual awareness to this phenomenon while you practice imbuing white Light pulsations along the synapses of your whole physical brain. The informed guidance of your imagination is your most helpful instrument in unlocking hidden memories of multiple lives and providing clues to Who you truly are. Use Mental Initiator Essence as the instrument to initiate your journeying meditations into the past! Compliment this technique with your Astral Initiator Essence.

Mental Initiator Essence applications:

 Clarity in complicated, multi-leveled thought

 Dispels confusion

 Stimulates right – left brained balanced thought & action (whole brain functioning)

 Brings personal polarities into conscious awareness as tools for growth

 Manifest conscious awareness of a personal cosmic connectiveness

 “Channeling” elixir, actualizes PSI sensitivities naturally to define subtly concealed or shadow information

In everyday applications, Mental Initiator Essence stimulates balanced thought processes and clarity in dispelling confusion during stress. Bathing with it will trigger a creative mental process, used with practice. Try it! For on the spot focus, mental agility and a stimulating study aid, Mental Initiator works well.

“Know Thyself” Causal Activator Essence

Your Causal Body of consciousness remembers All That Is. It’s the origin of your consciousness, an infinite collection of eternal multiple sensory exposition; the pinnacle of your individuality infinitely transmigrating… it is your connective Soul. In some cultures it only has a ‘singing name’, which it will directly respond to. Your Soul is your Home. All of your wisdom, love, unity, bliss and the manifest nature of your Logoic, God/Goddess – Solar Aspect understanding in total sentience-ness is eternal here.

Does it surprise you to learn that it manifests numerous times daily? Your inspiration! There are no conflicting polarities in your Causal Body of consciousness, only the resolution of your individuality and All That Is, the only concept of perfection we yet understand.

As consciousness itself, your Causal Body is the repository for every incarnation you have experienced and each dimensional aspect of the holistic you. (This is a concept of multidimensional personalities co-existing as expressions or Chakras of your Soul.) All of this descends through your subtle anatomy triggering the ultimate cause / action in your personal growth. Remembering this brings you that much closer to your cosmic awareness where the ‘group consciousness’ waits for you to enjoin. Defining the ‘group consciousness’ can include All That Is or perhaps more elegantly, as the many personalities you have designed and fulfilled. With this concept in mind, think of your Causal Activator Essence as a cosmic memory agent helping you to reach out to each aspect of yourself on multidimensional levels of awareness.

Your Causal Body exists as integral consciousness of your past, present and future, tapped when you are truly living in the moment. Your Causal Activator Essence inspires you through your PSI sensitivities to align with this state of mind through observation of your Higher Self interfacing. We all do it! Recognizing and appreciating this action is a focal action of Causal Activator Essence. Each unconditional act of kindness or love, every time you make a positive difference for yourself and those surrounding you, your Highest Self is reaching through bringing you a measure of transcendence. When you are furthest from this, at that place you think of as ‘the bottom’, your Highest Self sits perched at the edge of jubilation, closest to you as you face the dark hour or most dreaded fear. It’s at this edge we gift ourselves with the greatest opportunities for personal growth and transcendence. If we can face our fear, embrace it, transmute it, we can experience a transcension. A new talent is born when this happens and your Soul expands in the joy of your evolution!

When moments of life altering events occur, it is the direct intervention of your Causal Body of consciousness activating your nodal points in each successive subtle body of consciousness. Divine timing occurs for your greater evolution. These nodal points remain as talents and healing capabilities. A common event in this process is the act of forgiveness…in forgiving others; a greater personal emotional well-being eventually triggers the experience of self-forgiveness, a personally transcendent process. The repetitive use of your Causal Activator Essence encourages your awareness in recognizing these events and clarifies the special nodal points’ significance and usefulness for you in defining a new talent. This is the best definition of ‘changing your mind’!

Each subtle body of consciousness in your subtle anatomy contains eight major Chakras. Every Chakra belonging to your Causal Body of consciousness lives as an individual, multidimensional personality; each vital and relative to each other and all subtly connected to one another. Causal Activator Essence guides your creative visualizations in searching for and defining each multidimensional aspect of yourself.

As your multidimensional ally, Causal Activator Essence helps reveal the differences between your Guides, past lives and the multidimensional expressions of your Highest Self. Clearly defining the daily expression of your Highest Self eliminates confusion and disruption of information in your relationship process with the Guides and special beings sharing this existence with you! Causal Activator Essence assists you to discern subtle authorship, bringing clarity to your process of subtle exploration and growth!

Causal Activator Essence applications:

0 Cosmic memory agent, connective to Highest Self

0 Useful ‘truth serum’ for your subtle sensory interpretations

0 Brings awareness to significant nodal points of evolution

0 Helps unlock hidden subtle information through stronger connections to multidimensional aspects of yourself

0 Defines Guides, past lives from multidimensional aspects of Highest Self through greater inner authority & certainty

0 Promotes rest & restoration

Causal Activator Essence initiates connectiveness to all that is subtly influencing you, providing a tool of discernment in your decision making processes. In bathing, it will bring the grounding to your healing visualizations and stimulate a lasting release of past issues.

Chakra oils in vials:

I WILL! – Base Chakra Oil

Imagine a spinning whirl of scarlet in front and in back of you at the base of your spine. This is your Base Chakra called Muladhara. Spinning in all directions, it filters your base emotions, strategies of survival and ensures your primal energies for healing or leaps of growth. Your Base Chakra anchors you to Home allowing for that special resource of ‘grounding’ (familiarity of place) to ease your stress in moments of crisis. In moments of fear, visualizing your Base Chakra rooted into the planet, beneath your feet, will rescue you and bring emotional remedy. The flower: a scarlet red rose.

Your Base Chakra (all of your chakras) transforms CHI influenced by your thoughts and feelings at the speed of Light. This hyper-luminosity demonstrates your ability to change your mind! Your auric field is in constant colorful flux reflecting your changing thoughts and emotions.

The CHI energies filtered and transformed into physiologic vitality through your Base Chakra sustain and support your spine, blood, survival skills and the balanced distribution of your personal will power through the strength of your choices. The Base connects you to the element of Earth, initiating your sense of smell. Scent travels right past your analytical sensory buffers, at the speed of Light, with instant reaction or response. Smell bridges us to our subtle sensuality and awakens our psychic-PSI capabilities. Is there something more beyond my body?

Weakened Base Chakra:

 Lack of self-confidence

 Unfocused attentions

 Diminished / sickly nature easily manifested

 Insecurity creates self-delusion & self-destructive habits

 Sexuality is almost non-existent

Overactive Exhibition of Base Chakra:

 Dominance & violence

 Egocentric self-involved characteristics

 Sadism & greed dominate this disposition

 Sexuality is demonstrated through another’s pain or disillusionment

Balanced Expression of Base Chakra:

 Contagious glow of good health

 Grounded & resourceful

 Energetic personality with self-confidence

 Embraces life’s challenges

 Sexuality is openly demonstrated with affection

Do you recognize the indications of a weakened Base within yourself? You can use the polarity of your Throat Chakra, the color blue and the Throat Chakra Oil with creative visual counter-balancing to help recognize, accept and then change your behavior patterns!

Are you inexplicably demonstrating the dominant characteristics of the Base Chakra? Nurture yourself with some special time to heal these tendencies through the polarity of your Crown Chakra’s violet color using creative visual counter-balancing and Crown Chakra Oil. Release the self defensive-ness that stimulates these behavior patterns and encourage yourself with a strong expression of compassion, care and higher self-inclusion.

Use your Base Chakra Oil and red to nurture a strong, self-aware Base Chakra energy within. Use it for everyday opportunities to satisfy your need for self-empowerment and revitalization. Base Chakra Oil will help you recover your enthusiasm for learning something new and to generate a positive disposition. Revive your weariness or exhaustion!

Red Base Chakra Oil is a deep, earthy tone complimenting a light sweetness and green top note.

I FEEL! – Sacral Chakra Oil

When you’re relaxed and moving in rhythm your Sacral or Svadhisthana Chakra is turning harmoniously in orange. Your Sacral shimmers through your reproductive center preserving your gracious physicality, creative ambition and emotional expressions at the speed of Light. It intensifies or diminishes with each creative inspiration or emotional response you have. Your vitality and enthusiasm for life are reflected through this chakra. Plans to achieve goals kick the spin into your Sacral Chakra. Your creative inspiration, your self-fulfillment and receptiveness focus through the Sacral Chakra. Self-actualization and the manifesting of your desires are filtered through your healthy Sacral Chakra. The flower: an orange hibiscus w/ a red center.

CHI filtered through your Sacral vitalizes your skin, your reproductive activities and organs. Your Sacral Chakra is connective to the element of Water and your sensuality of taste. The mercurial aspect of your intuition and the subtle sensual nature of your dreams and creating the world surrounding you relate to your Sacral Chakra. Are you paying attention to your dreams? Which one will unfold in your daily life?

Weakened Sacral Chakra:

 Displays timidity, unreasonable fears, guilt & mistrust

 Exhibits self abuse

 Seeks attention constantly

 Sexuality is often frigid or impotent

Overactive Exhibition of Sacral Chakra:

 Displays emotional outbursts & temper tantrums

 Manipulative nature, self-deluded & workaholic

 Deceptively empathetic

 Sexuality confines itself to intrigue / gossip becomes sport

Balanced Expression of Sacral Chakra:

 Optimistic personal dynamic

 Sincere, honest, open mind & heart

 Encourages creativity in others

 Sexuality is expressed with emotional allowance & thoughtfulness

To heal the lack of self respect displayed by a weakened Sacral use your Heart Chakra Oil and the colors of green or pink to counter-balance with creative visualizations.

Are you too aggressive, an overly ambitious workaholic? To counter-balance this overactive Sacral use your Third Eye Chakra Oil and indigo colors in your creative visualizations. Allow yourself to release the over reactive, self-defeating behavior through visionary stimulation from your Third Eye. Relax with a visualization of completions.

For strengthening and balance of your Sacral Chakra use your Sacral Chakra Oil and the color orange with your visualizations. In everyday applications use Sacral Chakra Oil for creative inspiration, stamina, physical grace, optimism, to banish fears and to preserve your self-honesty!

Orange Sacral Chakra Oil is a smooth, warm tone of sweetness, spice, a dash of earth with a top note of fire!

I CAN! – Solar Plexus Oil

Your Solar Plexus Chakra fills you with sunshine! The golden hue of your Solar Plexus is called Manipuraka, spinning mightily in your mid section. Every surge of energy following your deepest desires or impulsive needs shifts this chakra at the speed of Light. Your personal power, preserving your physical health, mental and emotional stamina is intimately connective to the Solar Plexus chakra filtering your CHI flow towards achieving your goals, your life path and changing your life circumstances through choice. The flower: a black eyed susan.

CHI transformed through your Solar Plexus Chakra vitalizes your adrenal, diaphragm, digestive and abdominal organs. The Solar Plexus is connective to the element of Fire and your sense of sight. Your subtle sense of clairvoyance is empowered. Do you trust the images that come to your mind’s eye?

Weakened Solar Plexus Chakra:

➢ Lack of independence, allows others to dominate them

➢ Allows manipulation for attention

➢ Submissive to abuse, maintains expectations that constantly revolve

➢ Often depressed, afraid to be alone, remains distrustful & needs approval

➢ Sexuality is displayed in jealously & anger recycles

Overactive Exhibition of Solar Plexus:

➢ Intolerant, judgmental, antagonistic, workaholic & highly strung

➢ Over intellectualizes & maintains an authority complex

➢ Sexuality is demanding, complaining & abrupt

Balanced Expression of Solar Plexus:

➢ Naturally outgoing, sincere & calmly respectful of others

➢ Well timed sense of humor & observes the joy in life naturally

➢ Secure in your own nature, skilled with creativity & willing to be challenged

➢ Sexually sensitive & emotionally forgiving or understanding

Having trouble standing up for yourself? Use the your Crown Chakra Oil and a violet color to counter-balance the weakened condition of your Solar Plexus Chakra. Allow violet hues to encourage self-forgiveness, nurturing and Higher Self intervention. Illuminate your Solar Plexus with violet Light to balance personal power issues.

Do you find yourself arguing with people too much? Visualize with the cool blue of your Throat Chakra counter-balancing with Throat Chakra Oil. Bring consideration of others into your heart-mind, share attention with your companions and begin to trust.

To empower and maintain the balance of your Solar Plexus Chakra use your Solar Plexus Oil. For everyday use in need of rejuvenation, stamina, a sensual boost or in facing a difficult situation your Solar Plexus Oil will aid you immediately. Complete the challenging tasks you face using this sensual awakener with a golden Light!

Yellow Solar Plexus Oil is a tart, spicy and exotic sensual persuasion of action!

I CARE – Heart Chakra Oil

Nurture yourself; I feel happy! I feel sad! Whenever you FEEL, your Anahata or Heart Chakra is adapting at the speed of Light to every feeling you experience. You filter every conscious second of your life through your feelings. The essence of who you are resonates within your Heart Chakra with a soft green or pink color. Your ability to reach out and within to all your subtle aspects (Highest Self) begins through the filter of your Heart Chakra. The issue your Heart Chakra details is your acceptance or denial of love and your truth…inspiring your Spiritual enthusiasm. The flower: a mint green rose.

CHI vitality transformed through your Heart Chakra correlate to your heart, lungs, thoracic, immune systems and lymph glands. Your Heart Chakra connects you to the element of Air, your physical sense of touch and demonstrates your healing nature. It holds your greatest expression, love. The subtly of trust is keyed through your Heart Chakra. Where are you being urged to step beyond the edge?

Weakened Heart Chakra:

✵ Constant self-pity leads to paranoia, procrastination & indecision

✵ Holds onto the past & lets themselves be entrapped by it

✵ Isolationist believing no can love them

✵ They will not risk intimacy on any level

Overactive Exhibition of Heart Chakra:

✵ A melodramatic demander

✵ Attempts to manipulate with money

✵ Over critical & possessive

✵ They place many conditions on love

Balanced Expression of Heart Chakra:

✵ Excited to be involved with life & explore the adventures of it!

✵ Develops a sacred compassion, attracts kindred Spirits & is a natural healer

✵ Wisely discriminates, rejuvenates with personality & surrenders into love with Spirit, mind & body

Feeling sorry for yourself too much? Easily sacred? Have you forgotten the small things that satisfy? Use the sustaining qualities of your Base Chakra Oil and red energy to bring stamina and survival skills softly into your Heart center for a healthy counter-balance during your visualizations.

Are you trying to get attention by acting up? Afraid of what others think of you? Use the Goddess resonance of your Alta Chakra Oil with a gentle turquoise visualization. Release your fears and trust that everything is as it should be, understand that what we have given so much fear to in the past hasn’t manifested as we expected. Act ‘as if’ and allow.

To maintain the healthy balance of your Heart Chakra use the emerald Light of visualization and relax into calm, soothing breath work while maintaining the steady visual infusion of green. Need to take it easy? To slow down, take each moment or day on at a time? Use your Heart Chakra Oil to give you a special pause; a scentual moment of rescue. In everyday situations, when moments become overwhelming or fearful for you, use Heart Chakra Oil to bring harmony back into your Heart!

Green Heart Chakra Oil is a light floral note of release and comfort grounded in the self awareness of angelica.

I CREATE! – Throat Chakra Oil

You express yourself from the blue territory of your Throat Chakra, called Vishuddha. Giving voice to your ideas, desires, questions and dreams the bright blue whirl spins about your neck. Your Throat Chakra exceeds the speed of Light in dynamic; a Supra-luminal coordination of your quests, truths or lies. Cognitive (clarity of thought) and cognitive dissonance (confusion over a new experience initiating new truths) is filtered through your Throat Chakra. When you are content with your truth you experience being in the ‘Now’, the doorway into higher mind and a multidimensional awareness your upper chakras correlate. Your Throat Chakra meditations enable you to access past life experience to gain the opportunity for dharma through self-forgiveness. Recovering full responsibility for yourself enables personal leaps of growth! The flower: the blue flower (blaue blume).

CHI energy flow through your Throat Chakra sustains your nerves, ears, muscles, voice box – vocal chords and thyroid. Your Throat Chakra is connective to the element of Ether or Spirit and your sensuality of hearing. Your subtle sensuality of clairaudiance is initiated through the balanced expression of your Throat Chakra. Are you listening to the small voice within?

Weakened Throat Chakra:

† Avoids commitment, is a liar, lives a secretive lifestyle & fears exposure

† Is devious & elusive

† Sexuality seems charming but remains detached from true intimacy

Overactive Exhibition of Throat Chakra:

† Extremely obnoxious behavior, control-ing, arrogant

† Abusive & self richeousness dominates

† Dominates conversation, relates only through their agenda

† Sexuality is only good as conquest

Balanced Expression of Throat Chakra:

† Living in the NOW!

† Wonderful sense of timing, unflinchingly self-explorative & personal creativity excels because it’s aligned to Highest Self aspect

† Sexuality is open, explorative, seeking Spiritual union

To counter-balance your weakened Throat Chakra, use a red Light and your Base Chakra resonance to instill a new commitment to self. Trust your own honesty and sincerity.

To calm the abuse and arrogance masking your true self from others use the self-discipline and integrity of your Solar Plexus Chakra to infuse a golden Light into your Throat Chakra. Visualize a powerful clearing and instillation of new confidence, an adventurous anticipation in what lies hidden for you to discover!

Awaken and empower your Throat Chakra using Throat Chakra Oil with the visualizing clarity of a cool blue Light resonating around your throat. Throat Chakra Oil is a sensual helper for finding the voice of your truth and timely expression. If you’re having difficulty approaching someone with your thoughts or ideas, use your Throat Chakra Oil to guide and encourage you!

Blue Throat Chakra Oil blends green top notes to inspire the voice of your truth!

I SHARE! – Third Eye Chakra Oil

A constant, resonant indigo emanation expanding and contracting in Supra luminal speed at your brow accommodates all the subtle information and stimuli you experience in tandem to the physical stimuli surrounding you. This is your Third Eye or Ajna Chakra transforming all data, balancing your states of consciousness and providing a personal vortex into your total being-ness…a Herculean task! The connective field between your subtle and physical anatomy is triggered in working consciously with your Third Eye Chakra. Your sense of wonder and curiosity are intimately woven into your talents for insight and intuition working through this chakra’s transformation capacities. This chakra filters your perceptions of the world surrounding you. The flower: wild blue indigo (Baptisia).

Your Third Eye Chakra initializes your connections to the Divine within you. All the qualities of your desires coupled to your talents of imagination express your cosmic connectiveness, your enLightenment! Your fear of mortality versus your understanding of your individual eternal possibilities constantly evolves through your upper chakras. Grounding your human nature is a core issue filtered through your Third Eye functions. CHI energies filtered through the Third Eye vitalize your basic brain functions, coordinating your left – right brain capacities triggered through your sensory organs. Elementally your Third Eye correlates to a planetary consciousness inviting you to penetrate the unseen world around you. It is your sensual bridge to your subtle anatomy and your ‘mobility of consciousness’ or astral traveling capabilities. Where do wander to in your minds’ eye most often?

Weakened Third Eye Chakra:

∞ Extremely self involved, absorbed personality

∞ Religious zealotry, domination of those around them & denial of Spiritual nature (dogmatic)

∞ Manipulation is the primary behavior pattern

∞ Sexuality is traumatic, they fear intimacy absolutely

Overactive Exhibition of Third Eye Chakra:

∞ Grossly exceeds all the weakened conditions of a Third Eye Chakra

Balanced Expression of Third Eye Chakra:

∞ Charismatic, open, honest & allowing of others

∞ New adventure is a way of life!

∞ Natural healer, unattached to materialism, shares with others without any kind of expectancy

∞ Sexuality is in total acceptance without control

Have you found yourself in the deep end, rushing in without regard of those around you? Is your spiritual quest more ‘significant’ than the journey of others? Do you feel superior to others? Question your integrity! Do you abuse the energetic integrity of others without their permission, in your fantasy life? To counter-balance your Third Eye Chakra, it’s a good idea to use each of your chakras in turn to discover the correlative color / chakra influence for balance. Only your personal insight will determine the correct chakra to use, your imagination becomes the finely tuned mechanism creating multiple colors of healing.

To open your Third Eye Chakra more fully and excel your personal quest for evolution both genetically and Spiritually use your Third Eye Chakra Oil. In beginning exercises for astral journeying or to initiate the ‘mobility of consciousness’ this blend will help you focus and discover inner solutions in creating these quests. In everyday applications Third Eye Chakra Oil will help release negativity, shift your thoughts more positively and assist you to envision many solutions. Create your reality!

Indigo Third Eye Chakra Oil aromatically combines inspiration in green top notes with slightly grounding middle notes of sandalwood and ambergris.

I AM INSPIRED! – Crown Chakra Oil

The shimmering essence of your best integrity and finest intentions shimmer upwardly into the heavens from your crown in violet or white Light filtered through your Crown Chakra. This is your Crown or Sahasrara Chakra fully connecting you with your Highest Self …your Soul. It waits perched at the edge of your recognition.

Your Crown Chakra triggers your consciousness fully beyond the elemental; a supraluminal transformation of in the perception of our world, an experience called transcendence. Descriptions include bliss, oneness and Cosmic Consciousness or Christ Consciousness. Working with your Crown Chakra enables you to actualize your communion with All That Exists / Divine / Creatrix / Godhead consciousness…accepting that you are a Spiritual being with an eternal Soul. The emotional issue you face through your Crown Chakra is surrender. CHI transformation through your Crown Chakra vitalizes your nervous system, the pineal and pituitary glands while bringing harmonious flow to all the functions of your physical brain. The Crown element is luminosity – your consciousness. The subtle sensuality you manifest through your Crown Chakra is the experience of transcension, the absolute knowing that you are more than a physical body! Equally, through the lens of your Crown you comprehend the responsibility of your individual nature, in taking responsibility for yourself on every level of existence. You begin to understand a completeness that releases you from any Spiritual bondage or dogma sustaining your judgement of others in an extremity that perpetuates fear…the obstacle delaying your evolution. A balanced Crown Chakra disallows fear to be any part of your motivation for the choices you make. Working with your Crown Chakra naturally guides your personal power and discernment in recognition and relationship to the Divine within yourself. Embracing your free will and submitting only to your own deity creates a true willingness to surrender. You accept responsibility for yourself on all levels of existence. The flower: a 1000 petaled white lotus.

Notice the moments that you stop to observe beauty or in opposition, to the cruelty exposed to you and how do you carry it within? Some experiences change us forever; our personal adjustments during these situations create lasting values. These experiences can initiate the ‘dark night of the Soul’ providing the opportunity to change how we behave, fundamentally. If we continue to make unhealthy choices a ‘crisis of faith’ lasts until we redeem ourselves. Through our Crown Chakra we surrender to endings and new beginnings, resolution, redemption and completions. Our karma approaches us bringing the opportunity for dharma! Are you ready for evolution?

Weakened Crown Chakra:

 Dogmatic, usurping of individuality in others & enforcing your will on others to the point of cruelty

 Psychotic behavior, severe mental dysfunction, consuming selfishness, criminal & disallowing of the good in others

 Someone who inspires fear in others

Overactive Exhibition Crown Chakra:

 Lacks reason, mired down in frustration, common sense vacancy

 Mental illness degrades into catatonia

 No personal expression, reacts with sudden, horrific psychotic behavior & self-destruction recycles

 Retreats into mental then physical death

Balanced Expression of Crown Chakra:

 Joy surrounds an individual with a balanced Crown

 Body, mind & Spirit are in harmony

 Uses personal power with total fairness, accesses many levels of conscious awareness simultaneously

 Miracles happen for this individual!

Are you authoritative, dogmatic and cruel without realizing you are? Have you forgotten that your true happiness is connected to those surrounding you? Does dogma contain your ideals? Are your selfish? To bring a balance back into your understanding and compassion, use the golden hue of personal power your Solar Plexus Chakra Oil to help you focus. Use a clear, golden Light from your Solar Plexus Chakra to infuse your Crown with the intention to remedy your feelings of low self-esteem, your low regard and respect for others. Embrace the expansiveness of sharing!

Have you felt like giving up or giving in too often? Has discouragement accumulated in your mind for too long? Do you waste your mind in thoughts of disparity? Do you experience profound confusion? Have you given up? Use your Heart Chakra Oil to help you infuse emerald Light down through your Crown Chakra to rekindle your hope, good heartmind and humanity for yourself…the sacred compassion in self-forgiveness. Rejuvenate your life!

To nurture your Crown Chakra, use your Crown Chakra Oil with white or amethyst Light swirling down into your Crown Chakra. In everyday situations use your Crown Chakra Oil to trigger a more complete connection with your Highest Self. Clear your whole auric field using Crown Chakra Oil and white Light to energize and rejuvenate you. Crown Chakra Oil will help you find inner peace and comfort!

Violet Crown Chakra Oil is a blending of etheric fragrances into mysore sandalwood to give you an I Am scentuality!

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