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Larimar "Goddess rising" Essence

Larimar "Goddess rising" Essence
Larimar "Goddess rising" Essence
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Product Description

Larimar Essence awakens the Goddess within! Feminine power restored, speaking from the heart the calm and clear emotional assurance. The investment of the Divine Feminine radiates with a self confidence in calm, assured actions and goals. Under the influence of larimar we embrace our guilt to transmute it with truthfulness.

Medicinal applications: Useful calming presence during pregnancy and the birthing process. Stress related issues, high blood pressure, assists the healing process of infections, fevers and inflammations. Helps to relax and heal from cold and flu bouts, soothing for sore throats. Itís crystalline properties assist in cellular / DNA healing / awakening. Larimar assists in opening the meridians of the body, a useful tool in acupuncture treatments. A beautiful energy to keep around during pregnancy.

Crisis: issues of dishonesty with the self, remedy for temper tantrums. Larimar works to help you in disconnecting from unhealthy emotional relationships past and present.

If you are beginning a new business, larimar can assist in bringing new customers to you. Itís an attractive vibration, assisting you to find kindred spirits. With itís properties of calmness and peace, it urges a loving healing of the Earth Mother. Carvings of larimar bring serenity into an environment as an anchor of sweet Earth Mother energies.

Connective dually to the elements of water and fire, awakening and soothing. Balancing water and fire energies around you, within you.

Directly soothing to an overactive throat chakra, cooling the quick to judge and resulting fury. The Divine Feminine guides your search for your highest purpose through larimar, clearing anger and confusion. Through the Goddess, larimar brings stability to subtle bodies of consciousness and helps to ground the new conscious awareness on the planet.

Throat chakra work, Etheric body access.

Larimar is an Atlantean stone. Ancient healing techniques and accessing your connections to an Atlantean civilization.

Stone of calm and quiet, larimar essence will help with beginning applications of meditation and creative healing techniques.

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