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Lady of the Lake Oil

Lady of the Lake Oil - 5ml
Lady of the Lake Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

LADY OF THE LAKE: Avalonian / Celtic High Priestess of Avalon: Viviane, Nimue, Morgaine, Co-Viana, Vi Vianna, no matter what name you call her, the Lady of the Lake is the incarnation of the Goddess ruling the Isle of Apples and holding the mists apart between worlds for the seeker to ask entry. Just as the Merlin is the chief over the Bard Druids, the Lady of the Lake is the High Priestess overseeing the training of Druid priestesses in the skills of wort cunning (herbal healing). Goddess of Fay or elfin heritage, she is the mistress of healing and sweetwater portals.

Companionship alignments: Merlin (Myddrin), Lancelot, Arthur Pendragon, the Dagda, Lugh (her uncle), Gwydion (her GrandFather), Arianrhod (her GrandMother), Excalibur (Caliburn the Fiery Serpent), the Green Knight, Herne and Morgan Le Fay, Aquamarine, river stones, fossils, blue moonstones, ancient serpents / water snakes, snowy owl, salmon, feral cats and sparrowhawks. Her blend combines the healing of her sacred herbs, blue vervain, yarrow, mugwort and violet flower.

Nurturing capacities: As High Priestess of Avalon she presides over all initiates into the healing arts and she nurtures their progress with skill for wort cunning. Inspirational influence: A hypnotic presence while performing her healing or divination crafts, the Lady of the Lake urges the student to pay attention and to open their own extrasensory skills.

Healing gifts: Perhaps the finest kind of nutritionist, the Lady of the Lake grew her food, her healing plants and her fruits for distillation. She tended the sick through the villages and countryside and the People understood her as eternal, immortal, salvation, the end of the disease in the community. Herbalism was her finest skill. She will guide you in the garden and the recovery room. Her dark side manifests as hypocandria.

Creative drive: Call on the Lady of the Lake to help you with your dream journeys and to define the symbols that appear there for you. As a water nymph, she brings you a new conscious awareness to penetrate the dreamtime!

Leadership qualities: As a High Priestess presiding over accolade priestesses, the Lady carries the responsibility of integrity balanced with kindness.

Paradigm Shift skills: Look to the Lady of the Lake for special help in marshalling your awareness and relationship with the earth elements. As a fairy folk or Fay, she exists within the elemental community. Call on her to guide you to the elementals and a new relationship with the Earth Mother.

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