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Lakshmi 4oz mist

Lakshmi 4oz mist
Lakshmi 4oz mist
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Product Description

LAKSHIMI: Buddhist – Goddess of Wealth and Beauty: She is the personification of the Padma, one who dwells within the lotus. Lakshmi is the Indian patron guide of the perfumer! Born in the midst of the ocean of churning milk, in her four hands she holds out the pathways to successful life: dharma or righteousness, karma or desires, artha or wealth and mokshaer, the liberation from reincarnation. Calling upon Lakshmi will bring increase, completion and the stamina to create vast success through a personal integrity.

Companionship alignments: Vishnu, Kama, Ganesha, the chakra wheels, battle ax, arrow, thunderbolt, bow, water pot, cudgel, shield, cup, trident, her eighteen hands are filled with the tools of life’s journey! Her most sacred plant is the lotus and her blend is filled with white and pink lotus! Pearls, corals, star rubies, diamonds, willows, all water plants, sandalwood, aloes wood, agar agar, and indigo all resonate with Lakshmi. The prosperous elephant, cobra, cattle, grains, swans and coconuts are all precious to her.

Nurturing capacities: Born within the ever churning ocean of milk, she gifts good health and the energetic standard of a good disposition that health emanates, one formula of Ambrosia. Each time you smell a pleasing fragrance, Lakshmi blesses you!

Inspirational influence: Every sweet, scented breath belongs to Lakshmi! She invites you to expand your creative and building skills from each of her four hands. As Ashta Lakshmi she bestows good health, knowledge, power, courage, imagination, creative risk, prosperity and progeny!

Healing gifts: Water is where she takes you to heal. Rebirth after washing away the past, Lakshmi takes you through the process of release in order to receive. A most abundant Goddess, Lakshmi heals by encouragement and ritual of bathing / rebirth!

Creative drive: Lakshmi brings dreams of success and completion! Her dreams are filled with ways and solutions to reach your goals.

Leadership qualities: With Lakshmi as your patron, you have the talents of a creatrix, a woman who accomplishes through her bliss and shares with the community. The artist, entrepreneur, small business properitess, the home business owner, these women are guided and endowed by Lakshmi.

Paradigm Shift skills: All business women in the holistic, new consciousness and energy medicine fields are endowed by Lakshmi. Her skills of new conscious business guides and supports you!

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