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Kukulcan Oil

Kukulcan Oil - 5ml
Kukulcan Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

KUKULCAN: Toltec / Mayan – Feathered Serpent, Once & Future King: Great resurrection, civilizer and traveler! The skywatchers at Chichen Itza bring him back for each Equinox, he undulates down the pyramid steps all through the afternoon. Companioned by many advisors, he teaches the People planting corn, building cities and respecting our Elders, who are the keepers of his stories as the great organizer of the cosmos. Kukulcan represents the Acantun, all motion and measure, the five directions of the Universe, the spiral dynamics of all elements / the dynamics of eternity. He is the Serpent Vision between this world and the Ancestors who initiates the shaman. Kukulcan returns to renew the People and the planet by ushering in a new age.

Companions: He is God B and Quetzalcoatl, Hunab Ku, Coatlicue, Xolotl, Tezcatlipoca, Tlahuizclapantecuhtli (the morning star), Hurucan, Ochan, Ehecatl, Gukumatz, Tepeu, time keeping, rattle snakes, boa constrictors, coral snakes and all snakeskin’s, the nighttime jaguar, shapeshifters, Gila monsters, red breasted trogon, quetzel parrot, stingrays, the rainforest, palm trees, rubber, sapodilla, mahogany, breadnut, corn plants, corn, ceiba tree, tuberose, black copal, frangipani, gardenia, chocolate (cacao), conch shells, faceted sunstone gems, faceted diamonds, emeralds and rubies, green and black jade and nautilus fossils all resonate with the Kukulcan. A blend of mystic copal, tuberose and lime introduce the Mayan Lord to you!

Ideal & Goals: He is the Divine organization of the cosmos! The Kukulcan brought greater civilization and measure to the Mayan People through agriculture and ceremony. His time has come round again! As an American version of the ‘once and future king’ his time to return is heralded as the ending of the T’zolkin calendar. He ushers in all new ages.

Inspiring talents & skills: Rejuvenation through initiation. New cycles, new projects, new ideas and technologies are overseen through his regenerating presence.

Accomplishments: The wisdom of Peace and networking communities. A pastoral deity, Kukulcan brings community harmony and cultural exchange, anchoring global harmony and commerce.

Paradigm Shift skills: As the creator and initiator of new world ages Kukulcan works to awaken the planetary consciousness! Call on his presence for all global consciousness projects.

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