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Kuan Yin Oil

Kuan Yin Oil - 5ml
Kuan Yin Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

KUAN YIN: Buddhist - Bodhisattva of Compassion / Ascended Master: She is the Mistress of Compassion, who responds to the suffering cries of the world. She has a thousand eyes to express herself and a thousand hands to heal with. Kuan Yin hears everyone who calls upon her. The patron of many Reiki healers, she bestows her Pearls of Illumination and Waters of Life, the empathy and subtle skills to bring comfort to the sick. The soft sounds of chiming music and sweet blossoms announce her presence. She is the Goddess, yet she can take any form and often does to ensure healing when she is called upon; like the guardian angle, she appears as innocuous as the street peddler or the gas station attendant and as vital as the Divine.

Companionship alignments: The Dragon God of the Sea, dragons, tiger, music, willow, bamboo, water lily, lotuses, green teas, Tahitian mabe black pearls, pearl, amethyst and lavender jade resonate with Kuan Yin. The pervading scents of her home, Fragrant Mountain, fill her blend with delicate lotus, grounding oakmoss, aloes and sandalwoods.

Nurturing capacities: Kuan Yin offers you unconditional love, mercy and compassion.

Inspirational influence: She inspires the world with kindness.

Healing gifts: Kuan Yin, like Yeshua, is a complete healer. Her healing addresses the three misfortunes of humanity: the suffering of aging, unexpected illness and the easing of pain before physical death.

Creative drive: Her fertility and abundance will inspire new life! She encourages you to reach out for the New in your life. To become what your heart invites you to be! To follow the beat of your own inner drummer.

Leadership qualities: Hospice attendants and healers, Reiki healers, most kind of healers are protected and infused with Kuan Yin’s compassion. Call on her for strength and courage to be part of the healing of our world!

Paradigm Shift skills: [VITALLY IMPORTANT] In India and China Kuan Yin has traditionally been addressed to bring sons to mothers / families with wealth and health. As Ascended Master, Kuan Yin is the Protector and guide to new souls who have come to incarnate during the evolutionary leap we are making right now. Her most vital project is the rebirth of the GODDESS and the birth of DAUGHTERS is her most sacred task. She mourns the human, Spiritual and cultural losses in India and China over the deliberate destruction and desecration of daughters / baby girls.

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