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Kahuna Violet Essence color essence formula

Kahuna Violet Essence - 10ml
Kahuna Violet Essence - 10ml
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Product Description

Kahuna Violet guides you onto the true path of ADVENTURE! Working with Kahuna Violet opens you to learn how to recognize the cause of mind and it’s affect on the nature surrounding you! This is a special essence developed to help you take the risk in following your own urges to redefine the nature of your reality…Aloha!

Kahuna Violet stimulates the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, freedom and transmutation within you. A Kahuna heals through the transmutation of their perceptions…Kahuna Violet helps you to penetrate beyond this physical world and return to it with new insight and awareness of how to redefine it with personal healing.

To begin working with Kahuna Violet use INTENTIONs with your applications…(always use intentions for use with your flower essences!). Kahuna Violet asks you to spend some time creating your intentions carefully; to travel beyond your reality is not a difficult task, let your imagination guide you! Kahuna Violet strengthens and develops your imagineering skills with detail and memory, activating the centers of vision and transmutation within. The key to success with Kahuna Violet is repetition, daily practice will bring you manifest results. To aid you in meditation remember to companion your Kahuna Violet applications with fragrance…this will stimulate the tangible and the intangible experiences that guide you in new perceptive capacities FREE OF FEAR.

Working with Kahuna Violet addresses your physical well being from the highest perspective. Tone your nervous system; purify the body and work on your highest level to vacate cancer from the body. Kahuna Violet approaches healing the physical starting with the highest self and allowing the insights and recognition of our delusion with this reality that feeds disease in our bodies. Kahuna Violet expands healing energy through out the body particularly when you use the visualization of a flower pattern blooming from within. Try it! Revitalize your gray matter using Light exercises and Kahuna Violet to sustain this flow after you have completed your healing technique. Used daily, Kahuna Violet will encourage full recovery from physical malady or emotional shock.

Embracing the way of the adventurer is a like taking the risk of the Emperor who walked with a new suit of clothes; faith in our vision becomes a daily inspiration, a daily discovery process of new leaning and personal growth. Your presence becomes a healing balm to your companions! It’s a simple process to begin, just apply your Kahuna Violet daily with the intention to change your mind by establishing a different understanding of the world surrounding you, discarding fear. Start with a simple daily application and forget about it until the next morning’s (or evening’s) dose. Don’t forget the value of bathing with your Kahuna essence! Use a drop of blue and a drop of red food color in your bath …when you goal is to encourage physical healing of your body, choose a nurturing scent like chamomile, sandalwood or vetiver. Working on redefining the nature of your reality? Choose something exotic and awakening like ylang ylang extra, jasmine or mimosa. To invite physical or emotional recovery use sharp, decisive green scents like rosemary, spearmint, hyssop or milfoil (yarrow). Bath yourself in a violet Light as you soak! Red will give you balance with violet color therapy. Use Kahuna Violet to work with any form of color therapy using violet as the primary.

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