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Kahuna Seas Essence color essence formula

Kahuna Seas Essence - 10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist - pls indicate your choice in notes for order
Kahuna Seas Essence - 10ml dropper bottle or 2oz environmental mist - pls indicate your choice in notes for order
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Product Description

Indigo and marine blue depths, sparkling green lapping over reefs and onto shores, Kahuna Seas captures the qualities and colors of the sea. Watery greens invite you to demonstrate your creative nature while deep indigo helps you penetrate the Unknown and Unseen within to reveal brilliant originality! Kahuna Seas helps you to work with indigo in stretching the elasticity of your perception. Discover what new vision you are capable of! When applying Kahuna Seas to open your sensuality into multiple dimensions; combine the color qualities of both indigo and bright greens. The subtle motivations in both help you approach amazing new horizons. This is the essence to apply when you are working to open your extra sensory capacities! Kahuna Seas will help you expand your sensuality with meditation practice. Create a new creative visualization exercise to initiate your dormant skillsÖuse your Kahuna Seas and visualize indigo Light surrounding you. Bring this Light to a focus in your Third Eye center and practice changing the color quality of the Light to wake your Third Eye center up! The shifting Light excites your visionary skills and urges you to listen to the softer voices within, discerning their origin with greater understanding. Your imagination is key in developing your psychic abilities. Kahuna Seas invites you to explore and break through boundaries between worlds!

Your physical well being resonates in the balancing embrace of the ocean. Kahuna Seas is an excellent compliment working with deep indigo to initiate your higher perception and open your conscious awareness to the connective intimacy between your physical and subtle anatomy. Your lymph system, glands and immune system respond to indigo color therapy resuming a natural balance. Indigo is an electric healing quality to stimulate your parathyroid or for governing your thyroid. Use Kahuna Seas to assist color therapy meditation dedicated to healing your glandular systems and to infuse your immune system with recycling healing energies. Kahuna Seas will help you to maintain your immune system. Use brighter green colors to help build elasticity in your body prior to exercise as a physical booster. Kahuna Seas is a nurturing resonance, it opens your heart delicately to your own sense of self authority and the ability to choose self forgiveness. Self forgiveness renews your Spirit, brightens our mentality and urges us to take risks! Kahuna Seas can offer you a remedy for melancholy; try using a submersion technique! Put 9 drops of Kahuna Seas into a bath with 2 drops of blue food color and 2 drops of green food color. Add some reviving fragrance like grapefruit or peppermint! Itís a body-mind balm! Fresh herbs like mint, sage, basil, etc. are a nice compliment. Donít be daunted in following your intuition! Orange and rose will give you balance with indigo green color therapy. Use Kahuna Seas to work with any form of color therapy using indigo as the primary.

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