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Kali Ma Oil

Kali Ma Oil - 5ml
Kali Ma Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

KALI MA: Hindu – Goddess of Transmutation: Her title as a Destroyer is the symbolism for her birth, death, decomposition and rebirth attributes and her title of Bhavatarini describes her as the redeemer of the Universe. A most ‘terrible mother’, Kali Ma makes her appearance as the beginning of all things, the primordial lifeforce sparking the cycles of karma and dharma. Kali Ma is resonantly the being state of consciousness that becomes conscious of itSelf. At once, offering both fear and blissfulness. Polarity represents her pathways; as quickly as she devours, she turns and gifts joy!

Companionship alignments: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, yoni, blood, graveyards, sunrise, serpents, jackals, lions, sword of blue lotuses, the trident, bloodstone, black star sapphire, red jasper, red garnet, loadstone and clear quartz crystals holding the stories of earth creation all resonate with Kali. Kali’s fragrance gives you a sense of grounding in vetiver and carrot seed as it transcends you with lotus and champaka in sandalwood. Sandalwood, dragon’s blood, water lily’s, hay, all roots and soil are sacred to Kali.

Nurturing capacities: Kali Ma has great compassion for humanity, turn to her for solace and comfort during times of transformation and change!

Inspirational influences: Kali is the Mother of Languages as the first impulse of conscious awareness. She is a wonderful companion guide to the writer. Her grace is the certainty of reincarnation, rebirth, our eternal nature.

Healing gifts: Kali Ma is the Goddess of the Kundalini! At the nodal point changes of life, as the Kundalini energies arise from your Base Chakra up along your spine awakening your higher chakras, Kali acts as guide and healer through each life passage.

Creative drive: As the Tantric Goddess, Kali brings innovation and creative transformation into your sexual life.

Leadership qualities: As a personification of feminine creation authority, Kali offers you the energy and acuity of prompt decision, clear judgment and unlimited elasticity to adapt to any challenge.

Paradigm Shift skills: Kali Ma offers you clear consciousness and resolution which provides you with a foundation to comprehend Ultimate Reality.

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