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Ix Chel Oil

Ix Chel Oil - 5ml
Ix Chel Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

IX CHEL: Mayan / Aztec – Jaguar GrandMother of Medicine: IxChel is the GrandMother Medicine of the Yucatan who ensured safe childbirth with her cleansing and purifying rituals before and after birth. A Goddess of rain making, rainbows and protection in her warrior aspect, she carried the strategic wisdom of the Ancients. Her headdress of entwined serpents declared her cosmic aspect as an eternal feminine principle, a cosmic birthing in expansion and contraction of galactic resource. She foretold events much as the astrologer reads the relationships between the stars and planets, her divining resources guided the Itza sky watchers and healers who advised the community. Ix Chel is Lord 0, the base count of heavenly God/Goddess cosmic divinity.

Companionship alignments: Ahau Kin, Itzamma – Votan, shaman, healers, lunar Goddesses. Plants include latex, orchids, wild yam, Spanish moss, yucca, tobacco and juniper. Beautiful Yucatan flora’s fill IxChel’s scent with tuberose, juniper, bright citrus and comforting vanilla. IxChel’s Stones are divination tools; silver obsidian, mother of pearl, jade, beryl, lepidolite and mica. The presence of the Nagual (jaguar) is IxChel and her guides are the jaguar, rabbit, rain dragon including over thirteen varieties of snakes both innocuous and lethal, the primal mother serpent energies.

Nurturing capacities: She is a Mother priestess who teaches and oversees the safe, healthy childbirth.

Inspirational influence: IxChel is a strong, independent wise woman resonance; she urges the timid to break through fear and isolation to find their self expression.

Healing gifts: IxChel is patroness of the healers in the Mayan culture. Foremost in her healing method is the cleansing and purification bathing ceremonies, releasing illness. As the Lord O of the conotes (sea basin wells) she will bless the practice of diagnostics in healing skills, this is her art of divination. Healing water is her cure!

Creative drive: From the GrandMother Jaguar, the Nagual, comes a creative Spirit for healing remedies.

Leadership qualities: As Lord O, IxChel companions the strategist. Her abilities for planning and executing projects brings assured success, especially in global healing projects. A wonderful totemic presence for ceremonies regreening the land and seas!

Paradigm Shift skills: Call upon the presence of IxChel to bring galactic initiation, a tangible connection with the feminine essence of eternal creation in the cosmos.

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