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Isis incense powder

Isis incense powder
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ISIS: Egyptian – Queen of Heaven – Mother Goddess: Isis is All. Isis is The Mother Auset. Her message to us is the lesson of her days; to re-member. No other Goddess in human history has been as revered and beloved or called upon for help or love. She is the inundated Nile and the ripe grain in the fields sustaining the People. She is mother love holding the young Horus and good wife who follows her husband Osiris, Ausir. She is numerous in representation; Virgin Mother, Queen of all Kingdoms, the very center of Universe (Galactic Center of the Milky Way). She is the door that never closes on you, the net that always catches you, Her wings always fold you in embrace through heartache or heartbreak. She cures with love and comfort. She is always there, in your DNA, in your secret heart, in your clear mind. She is your Mother.

Companionship alignments: Osiris (Ausir), Horus, Thoth, Anubis, Hera, Demeter, Aphrodite, Athene, Artemis, Mother Mary, children, sparrows, serpents, eagles, owls, doves, peacocks, lions, otters, sphinx, unicorns, dogs and ibis’ align to The Mother. Any solitary individual or animal is aligned to Isis. Many flowers are hers and this blend captures the orange blossom, water lily, sandalwood and the night jasmine to open your heart for her. Among her flowers and herbs; tiger lily, narcissus, all lotus, shamrock, opium poppy, geranium, willow, cypress, heal all herb, sandalwood, dittany of Crete, the Dragon’s Blood, cedars and all water plants. Isis quartz crystals, rose quartz’s, pearls, lapis lazuli, carnelian, turquoise, aquamarine, amethyst gems, blue moonstone, jasper, gold and sliver all resonate for Isis. Nurturing capacities: Mother Isis is the very essence of love and understanding. When you appeal to her or request her guidance you are anchoring the Goddess standard on the planet.

Inspirational influences: She companions young mothers offering support and assurance. She is the Queen of Creation and her guidance in artistic endeavors brings fullness and completions. As the Mother of Alchemy she brought the secrets of wine making, pharmacology and perfumery to civilization, she influences all pharmacopeias and alchemy. Healing gifts: She is the nursemaid and the physician, if you are approaching the health care arts, Isis will guide and protect your practice. Isis’ invocation for healing the most gravely ill has brought miraculous regeneration! She is the last resort in appeals for saving the life of the afflicted, in this capacity she is the comfort at the bedside. Her dark aspect is a gentle comfort prior to the release of physical death…this isn’t a darkness, it is the sign of rebirth. Creative drive: Any project that brings the wisdom of our Ancestors and the nurturing of our future together is guided by Mother Isis. Her appeal to the present is in re-anchoring the Goddess within today’s lifestyle.

Leadership qualities: The awesome standard of both Isis and Osiris is the Throne, denoting their contribution to humanity by bringing civilization to the world. The ultimate diplomat and equal leader of the People, Isis is the finest standard of women’s leadership skills. The arts and humanities serve Isis and she returns this service through all women who choose community service.

Paradigm Shift skills: We reach for a unified expression of both the dark and the Light to anchor a new standard of balance and harmony into healing our Home. Isis is at the heart of success for this evolution in her capacity as the personification of the Feminine Divine. Her contribution and skill is in returning the Goddess to our societies and leadership platforms.

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