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Ishtar Oil

Ishtar Oil - 5ml
Ishtar Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

ISHTAR: Babylonian / Sumerian – Goddess of Fertility and Sensuality: Our sister, great Whore of Babylon, brought worship to our individual Divinity through the arts of love making. She pursued whom she pleased including Gods and royalty, inviting them into her dance of life! Principal in her worship was the understanding that we are Divine within ourselves and ecstasy (orgasm) is the doorway through which we experience it. Great polarity is her dynamic, she loves and she mourns with equal ferocity. She is the Lion of Babylon, a warrior Sister.

Companionship alignments: Anu, Enki, Tammuz, Gilgamesh, Solomon, undulating snakes, all belly dancers, the lion, horses, Sacred Harlots, doves, falcons, the bull, the dragon, lyres, flutes and dancing. Plants scared to Ishtar include citrus fruits, cedars, imbibing flowers and herbs, her scent awakens the fertility within you with grapefruit, ylang ylang and geranium. All ‘women of the night’ are protected by Ishtar whose priestesses were sacred harlots in the temple. Star rubies and sapphires, jet, amber and blue topaz resonate with Ishtar.

Nurturing capacities: Ishtar’s traditions created priestesses who were initiated into women’s mysteries as harlots in her temples. This provision brought wisdom and independence to the chosen women, a rare yet necessary trait to establish vast civilization. Ishtar is one of the first Divine entities’, her role as a regeneration Goddess created a life, death, rebirth mythic standard in feminine form. Ishtar nurtures greater authority in the Divine Feminine within all of us.

Inspirational influence: Ishtar set an early standard of the independent woman!

Healing gifts: As Goddess, Ishtar can be called on to help release the atrophying sensuality of the broken hearted. Call on her to reopen your heart and to take a risk! Her dark aspect is a destroyer awakened through inequality.

Creative drive: Ishtar descending through the seven gates of the Underworld demonstrates the role of women in life as childbearing creatrix, regenerating Mother and deathly wise Crone. The tribute to this is her dance of the seven veils…all belly dancers tell the story of Ishtars’ pursuit of Tammuz through the Underworld to bring him back through her powers of fertility and sensuality. All women who express themselves through dance are inspired creatively from that well of sensuality where Ishtar dwells.

Leadership qualities: Your partnership with other women for projects and in community groups are strengthened and uplifted under the standards of Ishtar! Groups, teamwork, working in the common good, these attributes are guided by Ishtar.

Paradigm Shift skills: Knowing how to use your authority to lead women around you into evolution.

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