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Subtle to sensual, expand your consciousness! Maya T'zolkin oils

Introduction to Maya - Tzolkin Oils
Introduction to Maya - Tzolkin Oils
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Intro to our Maya T'zolkin oils in meditation on multiple dimensions.

Manik > {man eek’}

I Penetrate the Unknown. Manik is that breakthrough you make in experiencing the Unseen world surrounding you and using it to inspire and initiate your personal evolution! Manik nurtures your connections to your holistic being and presence. The ‘being’ portion of you applies a tangible quality of the material world to define your intangible ‘presence’. You use the specialized skills of relationship as a shaman (ess). With the help of Chicchan you experience presence with being. Cimi prepares you for penetration in discovering the key to stillness signifying the Unknown. Manik enables a grounding quality, conformational quality to your transcendental experience. Meditating on Manik is your parting of the veils. Use this glyph to:

To trigger your subtle or psi sensitivity

To grasp the true gifts waiting for discovery within your issues of fear

For self confidence, self esteem to inspire your willingness to experience multiple dimensions

Use your Manik Oil to trigger a flow in all that surrounds you, a ceremonial ambiance to arouse your personal oracle! Manik Oil is a layered emanation subtly adjusting you: Jasmine flowers become your atmosphere, Tangerine is your sentinel, Sandalwood provides a voice as your oracle awakens within you!

CHICCHAN {cheek’chan}

Sensuality is the Bridge between the world I Touch and the world I Intuit. Chicchan develops your conformation of the unseen world through the refinement of your sensuality. Realizing the relationships between what is Seen and what is Unseen triggers your conformation experience. Chicchan invites the Spirit Serpent to you transform your experience with the physical into a transcension and conformation of subtle territories. Your chakra system, the subtle anatomy sustaining you and inviting you into exploration can be tapped through the glyph of Chicchan. Chicchan opens your opportunity to encounter:

The companionship between your subtle & physical Nature

Cycles of personal growth & your kundalini ascension

The possibilities of subtle healing techniques personally developed & improvised

Use your Chicchan Oil to engage your comprehension of the sensual bridges dynamic in your Nature. Your sense of smell and your intuition, your sense of taste and your instinct, your sense of touch and the healing power of your empathy, your sense of sight and the clairvoyance of your mind’s eye, your sense of hearing and the clairaudiance of the voice you hear within you. These bridges of sensuality lead you into the Unseen and Unknown with the helpful guidance of Chicchan’s serpent (spiral) energies. Mysore Sandalwood creates a fusion for sensual transcendence including Oakmoss, Nutmeg, Clary Sage, Clove bud and Black Pepper.

AHAU {a how’}

I recognize the Divine within me! Ahau actualizes your connectiveness to your divinity. The Causal Self directs this resonance into you when you achieve moments of evolutionary growth. Whenever despair and abandonment fill you, your Highest Self is closest to you. It is precisely at these moments of deepest doubt that your Soul is perched on the very edge of fully sentient ecstasy! Can you imagine? Hitting bottom is just a beginning in a phenomenal leap of growth. Ahau acknowledges that this is often the path we take. Ahau is both beginning and conclusion during truly life changing events. Holding this resonance is the goal!

Mistakes, abandoned feelings, poor judgement, apathy, resistance to your Spiritual nature…Etznab has provided the insight to realize these are the successes, unconditional love, grace, enthusiasm and enLightenment cloaked in the mirror before you. Ahau is total acceptance of your shadow and what it is offering to you. Ahau is the state of ecstasy your Highest Self, your Soul, perches to watch closely for, the inevitable moment to come when you will simply change your mind! What is more personally evolutionary? Actualizing your own moments of enLightenment follows.

Ahau is a full measure of your motion through life. A cycle concluding, a cycle beginning. It is the pinnacle lens and lesson of each glyph preceding it. As beginning and ending, it demonstrates the Divine as eternal motion. This is promise of rebirth, a fusion with your Divine connectiveness.

Many say the Highest Self lives in a state of perpetual bliss or ecstasy. Yet, the Highest Self evolves as we evolve and surely experiences eminent moments, a higher dimensional field of ecstasy. Bliss is revealed as a momentary wave rolling across the universe of You! Bliss is an indication of evolutionary growth, Ahau confirms it’s presence. Ahau’s resonance is a state of bliss embraced by those who evolve beyond lessons or necessary growth. Through the lens of Ahau you awaken the qualities of:

Your natural empathy with All That Is

Your sacred compassion for All That Exists

Allowing CHANGE


Ahau Oil is a unique and transformative fragrance beginning with Copal (South American golden tree blood or Frankincense), the pervasive green bouquet of a Gardenia flower and lightest touch of a Frangipani blossom! The Maya employed the fragrance of Gardenia to engender recovery in healing rooms. Copal is the sweet smoke they used to cleanse the environment before ritual and Frangipani flowers were set everywhere in the Mayan home. Ahau Oil brings them together in peace and blissful awareness.

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