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How to work with your T'zolkin / Maya Oils

How to work with your T'zolkin / Maya Oils
How to work with your T'zolkin / Maya Oils
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Using Your Tízolkin Oils

Z Your Tízolkin Oils are used for healing & awakening new states of awareness! A few drops at a time in an aromatherapy lamp vapor bath will transform your environment and set a specific aromatic resonance while maintaining the vitality & quality of your oils. Equally, dress your candles with Tízolkin Oils by anointing or penetrating the candle to provide a well to fill with your choice.

Z Dream, create & resonate applying your oils to pulse points, at chakra points for awakening, self empowerment & establishing a quality in your environment! They will anoint, assist celebration of the 13 Moons & keep you attuned to the Tízolkin Ďcount of daysí. Use creative visualizations while application & let the Universe respond reciprocally!

Z Only apply your Tízolkin Oils topically! Never ingest or consume your essential oils!

Z Always store your oils in a dark or shadow space, keep them from the weakening forces of Ahau Kan (Sun). Keep bottles free of water intrusions & make sure their home is cool.

Z Bathe in the wonderful fragrant resonance they offer you! Add 20 drops to your bath water. Accent the bath with color! Put a few drops of food coloring into the tub! Allow your imagination to complete your resonance!

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