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How to apply your Spirit Medicines

How to apply your Spirit Medicines
How to apply your Spirit Medicines
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Product Description

- Your Spirit Medicines are specifically combined ‘stock strength’ flower essence compositions. You can create ‘dose strength’ bottles of the same size adding 9 drops of your Spirit Medicine.

- Traditionally dosage is 2 or 3 drops of the stock bottle / 7 to 8 drops from a dose bottle. They are applied under your tongue for quick effectiveness. You can topically apply using a mister adding 9 drops to a misting bottle and misting yourself, your environment or even a specific healing or totem item. Sprit Medicines are blessing mists. To topically apply with a dropper, pulse points, chakra centers and the soles of your feet are excellent points of subtle / physical origin. Use your own intuitive guidance!

- Frequency is key in using flower essence compositions! 4 to 6 times a day. You may apply 9 drops to a glass of water you are going to sip over a period of time.

- Bathe in your Spirit Medicines! Add 7 to 9 drops per bath and relax for a long soak!

- Flower essence compositions are subtle healing tools. They’re effective in the cascade of subtle flow from your subtle or unconscious mind to your physical or conscious body and mind. Repetitive use of the Spirit Medicine brings you a new subtle awareness and conscious understanding.

- Spirit Medicines are holistic / vibrational applications. They will not harm you or negatively influence any medical treatment including any prescription drug ingestion.

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