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8th - Alta Chakra Oil

Higher Chakras - 8th Alta Chakra Oil
Higher Chakras - 8th Alta Chakra Oil
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Higher Chakras Our New Initiations …

The Higher Chakras open up for us in a more spontaneously, non obvious manner. In plain words, we must invest the time in visualizing strategies to open them, with intentional understanding of their facilty (use) and when the appropriate opportunity to use them presents, we may make conscious use of them in perfect balance with our Lower Chakras. Because practice, in this instance, makes Perfect. Working with the Higher Chakras enables the unification of our complete chakra system aligned to and fuctioning with a conscious dynamic of our complete Lightbody; fully networked bodies of consciousness. For healers this presents a quantum leap in skill!

Working consistently with the Lower Chakra system and the Lightbody network, with intention to open our Higher Chakra system, opportunity for spontaneous awakening, such as the Kundalini experience, is enabled. Be aware. Physical malady / symptoms often masks these awakenings. (In fact, dis-ease is always the trigger for greater evolution of consciousness!) Take care of your health! The more purified or cleansed the physical body is, the greater the opportunity for awakening presents.

Save the 8th or Alta Chakra, the weakened, overactive and balanced conditions of our Higher Chakras are null. The Higher Chakras do not present in the same physical / emotional / mental issues of polarity for learning and growth as our lower chakras do. The Higher Chakras are all about an epoch relative evolution of consciousness involving an entire species / planet and our direct engagement of that awareness through free will (in plain words, through our intention for awareness, our seeking and our awakening exercises). Accessing multidimensional consciousness (the quantum fluxuations of the multiverse - a coallesing warp and woof of existence – Great Spirit, Agape, Logos, monad, eternal God/Goddess, One Love, etc), bridging our awareness with dynamic Lightbody questing, responding to life through a lens of FAITH presents itself as the KEY. Accepting our own personal responsibility for ourselves. So, working through the Lower Chakra system, we may achieve a self forgiveness and establish the path that will unfold nano moments of this Faith. (I usually think of it as epiphany and or conformation!)

I UNDERSTAND! – Alta -8th Chakra Oil

The magical side of the world surrounding you opens up to explore when you work with your Alta Chakra! Turquoise Light pulses from the base of your brain stem at the mudula oblongata where your Alta Chakra resonates linking your Third Eye and Crown chakras in an evolutionary cohesion that opens the Lower Chakras into the Higher Chakras. Each prayer you send, every image you create within your mind’s eye and all the ideas you experience are filtered in a complex distribution by your Alta Chakra for guidance and connection beyond your daily reality and out into the Universe for reciprocality. Also known as the Chandra Chakra meaning the ‘mouth of the Goddess’ helping to define universal polar qualities Chi, your Alta chakra filters solar CHI through your substantial middle pillar Nadis to flow alternately into your vital organs. Conversion of solar CHI through this lunar conduit (Goddess oriented) and egages a valuable tool of personal polarity for working to resolve sexually charged emotional polarities. The emotional issues connective to your Alta Chakra are focused in your fears and the skills you develop to release them. The elemental connection you experience through your Alta is polarity – magnetism.

This enables your subtle sensuality in discerning the morphogenic fields surrounding you, you begin to “see” acutely with your 3rd Eye. As a subtle filter for beginning the opening of multiple dimensions of awareness, your Alta is elementally linked to the subtle meridians (leys) of the planet and planetary emotions (changing weather and geo-patterns), able to help you fine tune your subtle sensibility of planetary vitality. Earth chakras, meridians and nadis align naturally with your own when you work through your Alta Chakra to reveal these unseen connections to Home. In the companioned elemental polarity, your Alta stimulates a tangible connectiveness to the higher chakras that open your awareness of multiple dimensions aroused by your creative visualizations and intentions for new enLightenment. The flower: bird of paradise.

All of the envisioning talents of your Third Eye Chakra are directed through your Alta Chakra as it opens up vitality to your right brain! Directing your visualizations through your Alta is a powerful manifestation tool! Pathways of new function develop your right brain as your work with your Alta Chakra. As a personal tool of polarity, your Alta polarizes the negative retreating mind fearing intuitive or instinctual signals and the positive aggressive mind of addiction and unmanageability. Are you open to change and adventure in your life?

Weakened Alta Chakra:

⎤ Manifestation of the silent fear in mistrusting instinct & intuition

⎤ Negative polarity of the retreating mind

⎤ Anxiety attacks & ‘imagination running away with us’

Overactive Exhibition of Alta Chakra:

⎤ Unreasonable attitude about situations & people, a drama queen

⎤ Opposition – positive aggressive polarity of intense addictive behavior & unmanageable life

⎤ No shades of gray, the influences of outside ideas or feelings trigger severe mental disassociation with core self. Growth is retarded

Balanced Expression of Alta Chakra:

⎤ Allows the discovery of the Inner Child and joyfully shares it!

⎤ Nurtures the creativity of others & shares their own

⎤ Works through issues with balance & releases, sees the subtle patterns around others & things through a clear lens of imagination

⎤ Reliable subtle anticipation of events or situations & responds fairly

Balancing a weak Alta condition, employ the indigo color from your Third Eye Chakra to inspire encouraging vision and clarity to conquer the silent fear of mistrusting your instincts and intuitions. Allow relaxation to settle over you and release whatever situation is creating fear or anxiety. Use your Third Eye Chakra Oil to help you focus.

Use your Crown Chakra Oil and a violet color to counter-balance the overactive Alta Chakra with your intentions to accept people and situations openly without unreasonable fear concerning your self-assurity. Allow the impulse to react to recede. Focus on accepting and allowing!

To awaken your Alta Chakra use your Alta Chakra Oil visualizing a vital pulse of turquoise Light at the base of your brain stem to help manifest change in your life. Share the joyful discovery of your Inner Child! In everyday use your Alta Chakra Oil will help give you a comfortable ease, that ‘feeling at home’ sense. Alta Chakra Oil stirs your connected-ness to all that surrounds you, keeping your Spirits up through feelings of dislocation or ill ease. Consider the balancing opportunities of karmic – dharmic challenges as your empowered Alta Chakra awakens reliable subtle anticipation of events. Turquoise Alta Chakra Oil is a crisp, mysterious fragrance grounded in a sweet base note.

(Research blends. Fuller descriptions to come.)

Note: It would be helpful to remember the correspondent number of 12 leading into the completeness of 13, here. All correspondents numerically coded 12 (planets, systems, the DNA codex, the chemistry of your anatomy, the basic meridians accepting lifegiving CHI…etc.)

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