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Herne Oil

Herne Oil - 5ml
Herne Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

HERNE: British / Celtic Ė Lord of the Forest & Great Rite, Horned God: Alive with the White Hartís horns upon him, he travels the forest using his magical skills to befriend those who honor Nature and ask his help to preserve it. His magical skills are fed by the English Oaks, the tree sacred to him, as he preserves them it ensures the healthy commerce of Britain. As the manifest Horned God he represents abundance, fertility and regeneration as the consort of the Great Goddess. From Spring to Autumn he rules the Wood with fairness and mystery, in winter he is the presence of Underworld. He remains the Sacred King who brings regeneration.

Companions: Cernunnos, Pan, Puck, Oberon, Robin Goodfellow, Janus, Green Man, nature spirits, all royalty all green consorts of the Triple Goddess, The White Hart, the athame or sword (ritual blade), Great Horned Owl, wild animals, all forests, Herneís Oak, Yew tree, sacred groves, virility, the phallus, sexuality, homosexuality, silver, logic, strength, woodcrafting, sound of the Huntís horn, hunting skills, The Torc, ram headed snake, iron, carved horn, quartz, ametrine, agerine, bismuth, garden sage, ivy, woad, wattle, petrified wood, black hellebore, narcissus, dandelion and tall willow. Herne is a fragrant walk into the moist, verdant woods; oakmoss, tansy and water lily.

Ideals & Goals: The Horned God in the expression of Herne is the noble effort to re-green and replant the forest, to save the rainforests and to project the vitality of Nature.

Inspiring talents & skills: As the regeneration Lord, Herne inspires both sacrifice and rebirth. Look to his guidance when you are weary of the depleting planetary health! He will rejuvenate your enthusiasm in woodland adventure!

Accomplishments: His invitation into Nature to explore the relationships we have with it! He is the primal active life force in Nature.

Paradigm Shift skills: As the standard of Oak and commerce in the United Kingdom, Herne guides the conscious business entrepreneurs, especially in the new Green industry.

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