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Hermes Oil

Hermes Oil - 5ml
Hermes Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

HERMES: Greek – Messenger of the Gods of Olympus: Swift, on winged feet he sped the word between The Gods, Peoples and Places. His is the quicksilver of mercury! Grand inventor of Fire, sport, music and is the official Herald of the Gods, as his caduceus denotes. Postmaster General, to the Greeks. With his wide brimmed travelers’ hat and staff he guides the dreams of mortals and brings the messages of the Gods; epiphany’s.

Companions: The Olympians, Pan (son), Hermaphroditus, Diogenes, Eros, Autocycus (Prince of Thieves), Prometheus, the Caduceus, psychopomps, winged cap of invisibility, winged boots (speed), astronomy, curiosity, music, lyre, flute and Shepard’s’ pipes, inventions, athletics, measure, immortality, diplomacy, boundary stones, monoliths, eloquence, writing, mythtelling, quick wit, dream divination, roosters, bats, rams, tortoises, animal husbandry, hawk, hare, pillars, pouches and orators. The strawberry tree and crocus are sacred to him. Blended into a base of foin coupe, mastic, parsley, frankincense, bergamot and pine winged Hermes comes to you!

Ideals & Goals: Eloquence in writing, prowess and speed in sports and above all, the ability to divine the messages within your dreams! Inspiring talents & skills: He guides you to explore and define the hidden meaning in all things, most importantly, in the hidden meaning of your life. This is a regressive therapy determining the origin of fears and doubts. Hermes is an excellent guide into this vacuum within to find personal ideal and resolution.

Accomplishments: A wondrous musician! Hermes plays with perfect pitch and perfect understanding of the notes combined into melody or symphony. His awareness of the special language of music can transform your discipline and revitalize your musical art!

Paradigm Shift skills: As the messenger of the Gods, Hermes contributes a special kind of transition and transcending that will help you to discern the psychic quality in everyday messages! Call on his assistance in practicing this art of shamanism and share your journeys.

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