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Hera Oil

Hera Oil - 5ml
Hera Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

HERA: Greek – Queen of Olympus, Mother of the Gods: Hera’s quarrels are very popular. Her compassion as a mother, her loyalty as a wife and her skills as a politician keep hidden beneath the accounts of her confrontations. What woman of substance doesn’t have her detractors? Hera is the quintessential woman of substance and all women making their mark through herstory are her daughters. She is the wife of Great Zeus, Father of the Gods and the perpetual wandering husband. This wide eyed Goddess of Matriarchy sees everything, everywhere.

Companionship alignments: Zeus, Hercules, the whole Olympian pantheon. Serpents obeyed her, peacocks displayed her eyes and the opium poppy aided her in the completion of many cures. Bright rubies, large pearls, amethyst gems, blue white diamonds and common cat’s eyes resonate with her. Hers is a serious, deeply intoxicant blending of fragrance including galbanum, Spanish leather, water lily and sweet marjoram.

Nurturing capacities: As a mother, Hera will bring favor and help to children who are in trouble or failing, her compassion is great for children, especially for orphans.

Inspirational influence: Hera will align herself with women who are ambitious and disciplined. She brings quick wit and due diligent qualities. She urges the professional to aspire to greater and greater accomplishment.

Healing gifts: Recovery is Hera’s healing gift. Recovery from tragedy, abandonment and abuse. Her dark aspect is the addiction to revenge over betrayal.

Creative drive: Hera is devoted to the ambitious. She lends her gifts and ability to achieve in your creativity.

Leadership qualities: Hera’s influence brings the executive quality in corporate, managing skills in group dynamics, innovation in building, creativity in the too often mundane.

Paradigm Shift skills: The ability to see beyond one dimension with wide eyed acuity, new vision!

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