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Hecate Oil

Hecate Oil - 5ml
Hecate Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

HECATE: Thracian – Oldest of the Old, Queen of Witches: Hecate is the guardian of the crossroads, “she is the end and the start of all our wanderings”…she brings her torch to light the way through our darkness. Great GrandMother of uncommon psychic strength and capacity, Hecate penetrates within giving us authority to discern and disrupt our old behavior patterns in the death of outgrown emotional issues while the rebirth of clarity resolved new behavior awaits. She is the Goddess of the Underworld dissolving our past with her purifying waters.

Companionship alignments: Thanatos (death), Hypnos (sleep), Morpheus (dreams). Flocks are guided by Hecate, her animal companion is the night calling owl. Her essence dwells in caves where black hounds stand guard. As Queen of the Ghosts, she is the guide assisting you to penetrate the veils between worlds to talk with the dead. Her blend is deep and evocative, tonka bean absolute, wood aloes, mugwort and oakmoss. Black diamonds, silver moonstones, green zincite and sulfur crystals resonate with her. Wolfsbane, poppy, mandrake and rue are her sacred herbs, the yew is her tree.

Nurturing capacities: As Queen of the Witches she is a superb healer and comfort through life crisis illness and transmutation. She is the keeper at the foot of the sick bed.

Inspirational influence: Penetrating the meanings in your nocturnal wanderings, Hecate brings you new awareness of your inner most desires.

Healing gifts: The guardian whose touch is tremendous psychic healing, she brings skill and energy flow to subtle healing techniques. Her dark aspect is revealed as plaguing bad dreams; unresolved, current issues.

Creative drive: Under Hecate’s guidance, a young witch can master her spellcraft with foresight and manifest results! All healers will find newly awakening talents when working with the Crossroads energies of Hecate. At any nexus point, energies coalesce into direction and potency.

Leadership qualities: As a Goddess of death and rebirth, her Underwold sensibilities lend a unique gift to those who seek justice for the crimes of the community. She’s the perfect guidance to a CSI technician, to police, judges, lawyers and anyone who works to solve the mystery! Hecate serves in the Underworld as the guardian who keeps watch over injustice and unsolved crime.

Paradigm Shift skills: Hecate’s resonance allowing us to develop a direct communication with our Ancestors!

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