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Hathor Oil

Hathor OIl - 5ml
Hathor OIl - 5ml
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Product Description

HATHOR: Egyptian Golden Calf Goddess: Het-hert, Hathor, the woman of glamour and patron to all entertainers. Hathor is pre-dynasty, ancient beyond most. Her temples were attended by both priests and priestesses, uncommon for The Neters (Egyptian God / Goddess pantheon). She was adored as the personification of the Milky Way stars and her solar disc between the horns predates her sister, Isis. Much loved and expressed through dance, music, glamour and acting, Hathor presided in Dendera commanding love and joy.

Companionship alignments: Ra-Harakty, Horus the Elder, Ra, Nut, entertainers, musicians, women. As Queen of the West she companioned the dead into Duat, nurturing their journey. She holds the mirror of glamour, the solar disc and the music making sistrum. Turquoise, citrine, black star sapphires and sunstones resonate with her. Plants and trees sacred to her include sycamores, cypress, poppies and hazels. Her blending captures the qualities of the sky through woodsy cypress and float to earth on top notes of lotus, jasmine and night blooming scents.

Nurturing capacities: She is a fierce protector of women. Those who are involved in abusive relationships / partnerships can call on Hathor for guidance, protection and resolve.

Inspirational influences: She is the muse of inspiration to all performers! Healing gifts: She radiates the first, finest of feminine Divine qualities; she is the complete woman. Her influences assist in cyclic transitions of female life; she calms and comforts the elders, inspires and motivates young women!

Creative drive: Those who reach out to the arts for their self expression should always call upon Hathor! She is the source of technique and accomplishment.

Leadership qualities: All women who serve their community protecting women and children escaping abuse are the Daughters of Hathor!

Paradigm Shift skills: The theater of Ritual opening the gateways into multiple dimensions.

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