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Haokah Oil

Haokah Oil - 5ml
Haokah Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

HAOKAH: The Lakota American Nations Wicasa Wakan (Holy People): They bring the precious gift of laughter to the People. They represent and reflect what is ridiculous and sacred through the power of opposition! A Hayoka is fearless in reflection; they are unafraid to say what others will not or can not. Truth is their anthem and Vision is the special skill their friend the Thunderbird bestows. Hayoka People are bound to cry over sentiment or awe and laugh at the passing of an old friend. The expression of the heart is best unguided, spontaneous and electric in its imprint of the moment! Hayoka People ally us with this wisdom.

Companions: The Thunderbird, Sun Dancers, Brother Coyote, Brother Crow, Thunder Beings, dead sagebrush, old bones, pyrite, green turquoise, silver obsidian, orange zincite crystals, biting and stinging plants, riotous laughter, indulging dramatics and Medicine People smell a Hayoka in the distance with intoxicating magnolia and delicate tobacco flower, awakening blue cypress and patchouli herb!

Ideals & Goals: Hayoka brings dreams from the Thunderbird! Great Vision Quests are guided by Hayokas. To accept your role as a Spiritual leader, you are urged to step as the Hayoka, outside of the Hoop! Walking to the beat of your own drummer is not an easy task; as Hayoka, you must follow your own Light.

Inspiring talents & skills: Storytelling! Guiding the Medicine Person as the UnSeen Guide of the Tribe. As self defacing and an ultimate judge of character, Hayoka instills this wisdom: I will let Maasaw (Great Spirit) judge my heart. Only Wakan Tonka is more qualified than me!

Accomplishments: As the unseen guide over Tribal Counsels, Hayoka initiates the self examination process over personal doubts, fears and dilemmas.

Paradigm Shift skills: Hayokas bring balance between Tradition and modern culture. Their projects are reflected in Indigenous emersion schools, villages and arts. True inter cultural exchanges are blessed by Hayokas.

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