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Hachiman Oil

Hachiman Oil - 5ml
Hachiman Oil - 5ml
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Product Description

HACHIMAN: Shinto – Benevolent Protector & Samurai: From the highest born to the lowliest serving, Hachimangu is the protector – warrior Spirit of goodness and plenty. Hachiman is an imperial Ancestor, the deified Spirit of Ojin, 15th Emperor of Japan, proficient in all manner of warfare and abundantly the provider for all the People as guardian. He is the Spirit Keeper of the Minamoto clan of samurai, non conscripted warriors who protect and defend the Empire. Call his power to you whenever you face battle!

Companions: Yawata, Ojin, Jing, Bodhisattva Daibosatsu (a Buddhist aspect of Hachiman), Himegami, Kamakura shoguns, samurai warriors, 8 pure white banners, doves, metal smiths and sword makers, thousand folded steel, all blades, fish, nets, vortexes, whirlpools and circles are his companions. The spicy, oriental scents of cassia, cardamom, myrrh, lime and mastic fragrantly engage you with Hachiman! All iron and steel, black pearls, sterling silver and river stones resonate with Hachiman.

Ideals & Goals: Benevolent provider, Hachiman is also know as the one who fills the fishermen’s nets and helps the farmer receive abundance for his harvests. For the student or disciple of martial arts and ancient samurai disciplines, Hachiman guides and supports their journeys of experience.

Inspiring talents & skills: All manner of sport and warfare come under Hachiman’s observance. His Spiritual patronage guides the initiate with honor and capability. He is a wonderful guide for SAC members who demonstrate the chivalrous skills of the tournament and martial arts combatants / exhibitioners.

Accomplishments: Warrior Gods bring us the hero myth / legend to inspire us in our quests and dreams. Shinto inscrutability is a formidable warrior asset, one Hachiman can endow.

Paradigm Shift skills: Hachiman brings good clear judgment for understanding the many changes we are facing at this time! Working through and with his Spiritual guidance will gift an elegant clarity and resolve of the warrior.

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