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GrandMother Moon Oil

GrandMother Moon Oil - 5ml
GrandMother Moon Oil - 5ml
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GRNADMOTHER MOON: The American Nations – Lunar GrandMother: GrandMother Nissa, one of the most ancient of Spirits, was placed in the skies of the Earth Mother by Great Spirit to guide the People through the cycles of days. The only true time is kept in the skies and GrandMother Nissa is the closest time keeper to us. Natural time cycles cross her face, measuring motion and Light. She is the guidance of all females of all Families on the Earth Mother.

Companionship alignments: Father Sky, Medicine Women. She is sister to the great seas, lakes, rivers and waters of the Earth Mother, providing regulation and inundation in magnetic harmonies. The Loon is her animal totem and Madame mugwort compliments tobacco as the GrandMother’s plant allies. The scent of GrandMother Moon is electric and cleansing! All moonstones, mother of pearl, silver obsidian and pearls resonate with her.

Nurturing capacities: She guides all females through their life cycles through time keeping and natural rhythm.

Inspirational influences: GrandMother Nissa gives us the gift of knowing through cycles, awakening us to and letting us know the beginnings and conclusions of life events.

Healing gifts: In her full moon cycle she gifts abundant energy, in her waxing cycle she gifts creative energy and in her waning cycle she gifts releasing energy. Healing the moods and emotions of menstrual cycles. Her dark aspect is the temporary lunacy of over worked emotions.

Creative drive: GrandMother Moon triggers our dreaming time and our ‘lunar’ madness; sometimes prophetic visions and sometimes the release of our most inner fears! All bring us brand new vistas to build on or find healing with.

Leadership qualities: GrandMother Moon awakens our visionary skills, a vital quality in all leaders. Vision and prophetic interpretation.

Paradigm Shift skills: Understanding. GrandMother Nissa gifts clarity for understanding our own heart so we might understand the hearts of our neighbors.

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