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Green Man Oil

Green Man Oil
Green Man Oil
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Product Description

Sensual connection with the Masculine within Nature Born of the sap reviving the greening of spring, each May Day Green Man rises up from his emerald blanket laying over the knoll and joins the Mummers and Morris for a merry dance. Who is he?

His Spirit initiates wild rides in zodiac boats taunting and tearing the nets thrown carelessly over porpoises! Up jumps Jack to sneak into the wood at night alongside renegades spiking the old mentor trees to save their height, their fragrant breath and their stories of life! He is the Spirit filling up the regeneration God every spring for his journey through the seasons. When the wind whispers through the dense forest, he is the rustle of leaves cloaking him. His soft voice, is the sound of a steady spring rainfall. His magic drips from the tips of branches and the petals of flowers after the rain. Jack in the Green is your silent companion laying his arm across your shoulders as you transcend your loneliness when at last you recognize the comfort and beauty of the natural world surrounding you. Green George can be heard in the giggles of trickster youth playing amongst the ruins of the past. He dwells in the mighty Oak against the star filled sky stealing fire to light his last hurrah in the jack o lanternís flame. The Devaís trust him as their record keeper and Nature Mother depends on his fertile renewal.

Green Man Oil will penetrate you with herby, verdant rendering of a masculine expression in nature. A true friend we allow to lead us into naturesí mysterious embrace! Jack is a lively combination of parsley, fennel, mugwort, oregano, mint, green apples and spruce rooted into a base of nurturing oakmoss and loamy patchouli herb. Green Manís fragrance will help guide you into natureís secret places only you are meant to discover Ö your own special place of regeneration with the Earth Mother.

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