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Glastonbury Oil - Template of Gateways – Heart Chakra Vortex

Glastonbury Oil	 - 5ml - Template of Gateways – Heart Chakra Vortex
Glastonbury Oil - 5ml - Template of Gateways – Heart Chakra Vortex
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Product Description

The Heart Chakra of the planet.

Glastonbury Oil is soothing invitation fragrantly asking you to open your heart and enjoy whatever Place you are in; a fragrant déjà vu! Glastonbury, England resonates with a transcendent quality of time that bridges past, present and future. Whenever you encounter such a Place your heart opens to a sense of adventure and awakens your enthusiasm because you are standing in resonance with the Heart chakra of the planet. Glastonbury Oil is a fragrant ascension up through the labyrinth of time. Does the history of a Place call to you? This kind of fascination connects you with the Indigenous Peoples, their cultures and their monuments. The world is filled with these Places where the stories of the Ancestors who built them and their wisdom is preserved. These Places tell us the story of Home and connect us to living consciousness of Gaia. The resonance within the Glastonbury Tor holds this heart string for the planet.

They have the power to fill your heart and mind with a sense of who you are why you belong here, Now. Any Place that raises a feeling of belonging in you resonates with the heart of the Earth Mother and triggers a vital planetary healing.

Take Glastonbury Oil along with you in your travels as a fragrant helper in discovering and discerning new Places. Use Glastonbury Oil to access your heartcenter in connection with Places that speak to you in past life memories, a longing to know and realize manifest conformations of your past. The sweet scents of the apple grove, wild chamomile and yarrow flowers engage your heart with the heart of Gaia

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