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Giza Oil - Template of Expanding Consciousness - 8th / Alta Chakra / Vortex

Giza Oil - 5ml - Template of Expanding Consciousness - 8th / Alta Chakra / Vortex
Giza Oil - 5ml - Template of Expanding Consciousness - 8th / Alta Chakra / Vortex
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Product Description

Alta, or 8th Chakra energies of the Earth Mother.

Giza plateau displays the ancient Egyptian template for bridging the distance between the land and sky. As the field of Sokar, it maps the journey of Pharaoh into the afterlife to the Hall of Duat. The Great Pyramid is a resonation chamber precisely constructed for reading the new Pharaoh to assume his responsibilities of community, stablity and Spiritual vitallity for the Kingdoms. Prior to the ceremony of sublimation of the Divine One, this new Pharaoh traveled through the field of Sokar into the pyramid to have his conical crown adjusted for its year long, fixed placement onto his head. One year and one day the Divine One wore the conical crown to shift his consciousness and attain intimacy with the Neters (Ancestor Gods of Khem). Giza is the perfect terrestrial placing for a stargate; an open flow of information between star systems. The Great Pyramid is the catalyst (as the conical crown of Pharaoh was the device) to enable these communications with an expanded state of consciousness. Giza is an advanced tool of alignment and communication between the Earth Mother and her sky companions!

Giza Oil is the perfect fragrant trigger for special ceremonies of connection and communication between People and distant Places. Many of us contribute intentions and energies to global ceremonies of healing and revival for the re-greening and shifting of consciousness of the Earth Mother; Giza Oil will compliment your ceremony providing fragrant medative cohesion between cooperative groups and Places.

When observing the night skies, Giza Oil help you to develop a new observational skill; how to begin to dicern your personal stellar connections! A practiced, visualization and intention skill, sensing our personal connectiveness to other star systems expands our consciousness and initiates the opportunity for planetary evolution. This is a process of reahing into your own greater self awareness and to achieve it you must absolutely plant yourself firmly connected or grounded to your planet. Giza Oil is a blend of initiation and connection including ylang ylang extra, juniperberries, Mysore sandalwood and pink lotus.

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