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Get Your Witchy On! 5 Witch Oils for the $ of 3!

Get Your Witchy On!  5 Witch Oils for the $ of 3!
Get Your Witchy On! 5 Witch Oils for the $ of 3!
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The Witch Oils are handy tools for the practitioner. A traditional herbalist Witch blesses the qualities of the plants, that which guides the work and brings a balance together under the knowledge that “As Above, So Below” extends into every expression of the blend, brew or concoction. The Witch Oils are corresponded to assist you in discoveries of cause and effect; the primary dynamic in a good work. One important Tradition taught within WitchCraft: you can always trust your instinct; once you know yourself. WitchCraft encourages individual creativity and healing practicing a rich Theater of the Self. Many Traditions provide beautiful templates for discovering the many levels of the reciprocal Universe and the You within it; elementally resonating with your Home…they call it Ritual. A Witch knows the value of learning where Divinity lies…within! They don’t seek to place responsibility outside of themselves in judgement nor do they inhibit Nature in looking to another to give them answers that will only come from within. Here is a collection of some ancient herbs used in GreenCrafting and Ritual…the potencies of these plants in directing and attuning your subtle and physical senses aid your completions. We’ve created sensual translations of the more toxic herbs, retaining the vibratory quality of the plant through Light infusions, paying attention to the cycles of the Moon, the motion of the planets and grounded to our Earth Mother through her elemental expressions. Each Witch Oil can take you within whenever you’re in need of a sensual direction towards answers to complete your healing and enchantments. In the heart of all magical practice is the vitality of your informed imagination! Be creative; allow the subtle power of the oils inspire you to knowledgeable intentions in fulfilling your goals! Follow your instincts! Trust you intuitions!

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